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Welcome to the SEND U Wiki!

What is SEND U?

SEND U is SEND International's training and development focus. SEND U’s task is to plan and coordinate the training and discipleship of SEND missionaries and leaders so that we can more effectively accomplish the overall mission of SEND International (mobilize God’s people and engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches).

SEND U stands for SEND University. But we are not a university with a campus, a huge library and a number of tenured professors. Our staff is a virtual team, scattered throughout the world. The training we provide is largely non-formal and ongoing. Rather than focusing on preparing people for some future employment opportunities, we seek to develop our members in Christ-like character and give them the knowledge and skills that they need right now in their current context. We are all about lifelong learning, recognizing that as Christ followers living in a world that is rapidly changing, we must keep learning while we are serving. Read a longer explanation of the vision and values of SEND U.

SEND U staff

What is the SEND U wiki?

This website or wiki serves SEND U by providing a place and a forum for sharing resources, training opportunities and ideas broadly within SEND. Most of the wiki is accessible to anyone on the web. A limited number of pages and resources are accessible only to SEND U wiki members. Only members of SEND International can gain log-in access to the wiki. If you would like to have full access to the SEND U wiki, which includes the ability to edit and add to the wiki, send an email to the wiki administrator (

About 90% of the content of the wiki is available to everyone, even without a login and password. Anyone from SI can have full access to all pages, files, and editing at no cost. If you would like to have full access, please contact the wiki administrator.

The wiki is monitored and maintained by SEND U staff. But anyone within SEND International is invited to submit material that they have found helpful in the development of their ministry skills or personal growth. Learn more here.

Searching the wiki

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Check out the SEND U blog as well -

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