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 +**2012 SEND International Youth Summit Evaluation Compilation**\\ \\ \\ 
 +| ===== 1. Please share with us one item which is your “take-away”, which you can implement in your life and ministry. ===== |
 +| Find ways to come along side our men and women in youth ministries to be “more” active in discipling others and in training National youth workers\\ |
 +| There are two girls (one high-school and one college age) that I should begin meeting with and discipling. After I get home, I’m going to contact them and begin that process (Lord willing).\\ |
 +| My take away is to volunteer to be on a training committee to explore the possibilities of networking across SEND for training\\ |
 +| - I plan on spending more time involving the youth in evangelism.\\ - I plan on spending more time sharing what the Lord is teaching me, and encouraging the youth to also share.\\ - I plan on getting more training in coaching.\\ |
 +| I have 1 idea I will take back to my national co-workers\\ - Training camp staff-discipleship\\ |
 +| Looking and my future ministry, I will take away the basic framework that we created and use it in my youth ministry. I need to evaluate what I do in ministry and why I do it. So, looking at regular youth meetings, do they accomplish the tasks that we deemed most import during the summit? Do they accomplish the principles when listed? Looking at large group events, do they do the same thing? Is discipleship a regular part of my ministry? Right now I know it is not to the level of importance that we placed on it during the summit. Therefore, I will look at the principles we identified and use them to evaluate my ministry.\\ |
 +| A deeper sense of how we can network together as youth ministries around the globe. I also am leaving with a deeper commitment to using our accountability time with the youth to spur them on regarding those friends they are witnessing to.\\ |
 +| Take away priority of putting missions emphasis in ministry.\\ |
 +| The idea of coaching in the field of youth ministry\\ |
 +| One thing I have noticed this week is that many youth of this generation are relational. Relationship building is a big deal to them. I want to center relationship building into all areas of life and ministry, and get to a point where it doesn’t seem like “work.”\\ |
 +| That when God puts people in my life it is my responsibility to minister to them. I can’t see it as a thing I don’t have time for, but rather to see it as a way that God can use me in their life to help them along to where God wants them to be.\\ |
 +| Review my journal quarterly.\\ Look into a discipling conference for youth in Croatia\\ |
 +| My VISA! \\ |
 +| I am going to develop an internship ministry for individuals interested in YM in a cross-cultural context\\ |
 +| -not just haphazardly journaling my devotions but pitting it in one place so I can find information and use it to teach me, remind me, to see what God has consistently said to me\\ - taking a coaching course and know it so well that I do it without thinking – letting it become one of the tools I use to help people, without it being a program. \\  – students desiring to be mentored and having someone on the field do that for them. As it was discussed, I realized that having worked with Venture Teams International I did that for 16 years on the sending end and I can still do it from the receiving side. I have helped college students do their ministry find out how they fit and work on a team and then worked myself out of a job. \\ |
 +=====   =====
 +| ===== 2. Is there something that you feel was lacking or should have been included (topic, activity etc) ===== |
 +| How to motivate others in SEND International, who were not delegates, to come and learn, and get involved with the total mission in order to make the total youth ministry of SEND International complete\\ |
 +| Honestly, no. I think this summit was great – much better planning than the first one.\\ |
 +| It is more what should continue to be talked about and that is what we addressed in the last sessions.\\ |
 +| N/A\\ |
 +| More practical shared ideas from the experienced discussion about suggested __teaching tools__ that would be helpful to new workers (SEND), inexperienced SEND missionaries who are doing “Youth Ministry” with or without national partners.\\ |
 +| One thing that has been helpful for me in my own youth ministry is to create a “profile of a maturing youth.” In this profile, you describe the characteristics that you believe a youth has that is growing in maturity in your youth group. Then you ask the question “is my ministry creating youth that look like this?” This is a good way to apply the philosophy and principles that we talked about in this summit.\\ |
 +| I think it would have been good to have had time for each person to share a little about their ministry.\\ One idea I had was that it could be a neat idea to have each of the seasoned missionaries in youth ministry share their youth ministry philosophy and describe in detail what their ministries look like and how hey reflect the six principles (if they do). If we did this with four or five different ministries this could give a wide spectrum of ideas to those less experienced in ministry while still protecting us from the danger of setting up any one ministry as "the way it has to be done." This could be done instead of reviewing the six principles like we did this year (which, by the way, I am not criticizing. I think it was great, I'm just suggesting this as a different way to go about it next time in order to keep things fresh.). There would still need to be time to have interaction between the members for not only questions but also comments regarding each of the presentations, so it wouldn't just be a bunch of sermons, but rather time for us to discuss these different approaches to youth ministry, be it camping, a youth group in a church, ministry to street kids, etc. I suggest this idea because I think it could really be valuable for the newer missionaries who are just starting out in ministry to get a lot of specific ideas and vision that they could consider using. \\ |
 +| Introducing each other to each others’ ministries.\\ Extended times of prayer together\\ |
 +| Discussion on how our youth ministry is, or can be, following the MEE vision statement\\ |
 +| Time was a big restraint, but I think what came out of the time we had was very beneficial. It would be difficult to carve out more time from schedules and to fund a longer summit.\\ |
 +| An overview of what everyone the room is currently doing within the realm of youth ministry, or at least what their experience in youth ministry is or has been. \\ |
 +| One important take away for me from this trip was talking about the different types of mentoring I think the quote that will sum it all up is. “Discipleship should reflect part of what you have not what you are.” This was cool to me because it expressed the importance in not only discipling the people you click with but discipling the people that God has placed in your life at that time. \\ |
 +| - I would like to see more time for the topics. I felt that the 15/30 minute thinking sessions were too short.\\ - I would like to bring national partners to the summit.\\ |
 +| Everyone briefly presenting what they do, and where. 3-5 min powerpoint w photos so it’s visual.\\ |
 +| I feel we lack a “big picture” of where we are going and what exactly it is that we believe God desires for us to accomplish through these summits – especially after we’ve completed the assigned task given by Warren\\ |
 +| If I were to work more with youth, I would like a course or a gathering of ideas of how to use technology – phones, internet, texting, as a means of reaching and keeping in touch with you. I would like to know what is being done in these areas, and figure out how that could help me. I know having technology and being able to talk about it with youth is a plus now in youth ministry. Personally – being over 50 – I would like to know more – just so I can give guidance in how young people use that technology and how to keep young people protected and wise in their use of technology. \\ |
 +| ===== **3 a) Was this summit beneficial to you: as an individual** ===== ||||
 +^ **Yes/No**\\ ^^| **Please share why.**\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| Seeing and hearing a group of men and women who are involved in reaching the youth of their nations and seeing how they were so involved in being better at their ministries was worth my entire time in being here this week. To see Nathan and Alex getting “on-board” with what God is doing among the youth of the nations. Being encouraged with all God has done and continues to do in the lives of many who I personally discipled in the years gone by was worth the time here. To be able to share, challenge, draw out the principles of reaching others with the Word of God was so much fun! \\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| On a personal level, I was in a very difficult place spiritually, emotionally, and relationally before the summit. Just being with other North Americans in a missions context was refreshing and an incredible encouragement to me. It was a much needed reminder of what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how it fits into the bigger picture.\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| It was a blessing to connect with others and to begin to process the big picture for youth ministry across SEND.\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| Yes, it was really good to see what others are doing, how I can improve, and encouraging to see what I’m doing right.\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| for me? 1. Very refreshing to my Soul and Spirit to be with SEND co-workers\\ \\  2. Good time to learn of other fields, models, and about youth culture in general.\\ Really appreciated Ron’s insights.\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| Yes. I’ve grown in my understanding of missions and youth ministry and how they relate together. In understanding these principles, I’ve looked at my own life and have been able to ask how prayer is a part of my personal life. What should my prayer really look like? How should I be engaged in personal evangelism, etc?\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| The meal times were especially meaningful to get to know each other. There is a great sense of camaraderie being able to talk with other missionaries who are in the same struggles.\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| Networking, encouragement\\ ||
 +| No\\ ||| Please share why. There was nothing new learned. I’m at the level of having turned the direct ministry with youth over to the nationals that I work with. To me it seemed that the content of the Summit was more for our missionaries who are either just starting or maintaining an existing ministry that they are directly involved in. Of course they should have been the target audience since they are in the majority, and this will fit with two other missionaries on our field who weren’t at this Summit. \\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| I enjoyed meeting different SEND missionaries and getting to hear what they are doing on the field. I can sense that they are passionate about what they are doing and appreciate their openness. I felt like I was able to connect with several people who are excited about doing what I am doing. It is nice to be in the presence of people like this!\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| Yes, this was very beneficial for me. I see it as a way to learn from some of the older folks who have been doing youth ministry a lot longer than I have been. It is also a way for some of the guys who’ve been doing this a long time to learn from us newbie’s. \\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| This trip was huge for me because it helped me see that Youth ministry in another culture is definitely something that I can do with my life. It was also great meeting everyone and learning who I could see myself working with in a team in youth ministry. \\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| - It was good to connect with other folks who thought alike and were committed to reaching youth.\\ - The thinking time was a good brainstorming session that gave me several new ideas.\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| Yes- To connect, network, be encouraged, know how to pray for other SEND youth ministries, begin the process of INTERNATIONALIZATION of YOUTH by knowing what’s going on in other countries, and how we can begin sending youth from one nation to a different nation under the SEND umbrella. \\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| - The camaraderie that was developed with those of like mind, heart and calling.\\ - I have a greater sense of urgency to reach those without Christ and to motivate and equip my Polish partners to the same\\ - I was challenged to do more than I have been doing; pursue the Lord with greater passion and greater spiritual discipline I Timothy 4:7\\ ||
 +| Yes\\ ||| - seeing so many SEND Youth Workers and fellowshipping with SEND people from other fields (Japan, Spain, Eastern Europe - some fields similar and others very different from Ukraine – I came away understanding our mission better and have a better understanding on how to pray for SEND Spain, SEND Japan… It felt again like visiting with the extended family and enjoying their company.\\ - meeting Ron Hardy – and getting a new understanding of mobilizing (what is happening in recruitment in North America – I am feeling out of touch with North American students, having been in language school and on the field 3 years… we need to stay tuned to their needs if we want to help them get involved in missions.\\ - having two students (1 from Moody, 1 from TEDS) visit and give us the view into our ministry from their generation and knowing how they think. \\ ||
 +| \\ ||||
 +| ===== 3 b) Was this summit beneficial to you: in developing your ability and vision as a missionary? ===== ||||
 +| **Yes, kind of, not really, no**\\ |||| **Please share how**\\ |
 +| Yes\\ | How I can personally mobilize students, post graduate students, adults into the ministries of the majority of our youth ministries and have the assurance that they will have success in doing such. To be able to mobilize for a vision/goal and that this group put forth in all their discussions. Mobilizing toward a vision / goal is the best way to seeing many, many more effective youth ministries missionaries into the ministries of SEND International. \\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | It was helpful for me to network with other youth workers to hear stories from other fields, glean some good ideas, and gain relationships for future ministry partnerships.\\ \\ It was also a useful time for me to be challenged by other missionaries to broaden my vision and activities.\\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | I need some more time to process, but I look forward to networking more in the areas of training, internship and discipleship areas for future leaders and missionaries.\\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | Yes, see “a”. I’m also looking forward to using the resources, relationships, and coaching skills that will come out of this.\\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | development as a missionary ability and vision\\ As a missionary – I was stimulated by what others are doing and how God is working in all the fields.\\ I really appreciated our worship times – personal refreshment\\ Vision – Encouraged my vision to see more networking with investing in the new, younger missionaries working with youth ministry in SEND.\\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | Yes. As a youth worker and not a missionary (I’m sure this gives away my identity), I learned a lot about calling and many of my thoughts about missions vs. other ministry were corrected. I had this idea in my head that missions was a “life-long” calling that cancels out any other previous calling. One had to be called to be an “official” missionary. Interacting with youth workers who are missionaries, I’ve begun to realize that God can call me to any ministry, and the place really doesn’t matter. Doing youth ministry in Europe, for example, would still be a call to youthministry, the same as in the Midwest. Previously, I’d placed missions in a separate category. Now I realize how God can call one to missions in a different way.\\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | Please share how - I loved the chance to share with one another about how we are going about living out the different principles in our ministries and getting to hear other people's ideas and feedback. \\ \\ I really liked the fact that we didn't have to make any major decisions this time and could just enjoy our discussions without the pressure of coming to a consensus. The last summit was much less enjoyable for me and I left it feeling much less connected to the other missionaries because the stress of having to work so hard together to come up with a statement of our values left me feeling frustrated with others who didn't see things as I did. I got over it, but it was nice to not have to get over anything this time. It was nice to simply listen to what others are saying and evaluate if that was something I could use or not and then accept of reject the idea accordingly.\\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | Learning regarding different aspects of youth ministry\\ Developing vision for intra-field partnerships, cross-pollination, collaboration\\ Coming to understand potential benefits of coaching in my life/ministry\\ |||
 +| \\ | Nothing new. \\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | I don’t feel like I am leaving with a clear picture of my action steps, but I certainly have a lot of good things to think about. I am looking forward to the condensed materials to have for reference and from future forums/discussions. I think this will be a process of constantly “refining” how I function as a missionary serving in youth ministry.\\ |||
 +| Kind of\\ | I don’t think it was that beneficial in developing my abilities, but definitely helped in vision. For me, it is sometimes hard to see what God might have for us after language, but being a part of this helps me keep a very clear vision on youth ministry and how I can make an impact.\\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | Yes I believe this trip did a great job in both ability and vision. It was great bouncing ideas of discipleship off of each other. I believe what we talked about pertaining to discipleship will be very useful in my future ministry. \\ |||
 +| Not really\\ | \\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | Yes- I realized that of the six principles, we are weakest in the Mission’s Mind. It has opened my eyes to something the Lord has already laid on my bring more of a missions perspective to our youth group.\\ \\ Perhaps by creating mission’s trips for Spanish youth...or...perhaps by connecting them to other youth in other SEND countries. : ) For Example, MAYBE Spaniards could attend the Croatia International Camp this summer. \\ |||
 +| Kind of\\ | Not necessarily with anything new but more so with motivation to continue in what I am doing now.\\ |||
 +| Yes\\ | Visioning – seeing more clearly how I can finish my 1st term – accomplishing ministry goals not just language learning. (this came through the 15 minute coaching time during the crash course we took)\\ |||
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