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The process of developing your Annual Ministry Plan

(to be done at the end of each year in preparation for the coming year)

  1. Spend some time in prayer, asking God to direct you as you take a good look at yourself and plan for ministry in the coming year. Listen to what God is saying to you about where He would like you to work. We would encourage you to take a day or half-day prayer retreat as you do this.
  2. Consider SEND’s, your area’s and your team’s mission and vision statements. Your AMP indicates in what way you plan to contribute to these team’s, area’s, and mission’s vision and goals.
    1. SEND International’s mission is to mobilize God’s people and engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches.
    2. SEND’s current vision statement: “A global movement of Jesus followers making disciples among the unreached.” Our 2020 goal: By December of 2020 to see, 200 new workers (50 from outside of North America) and the engagement of 10 new unreached people groups.
    3. Review your area’s and your team’s vision statements (if they exist).
    4. Review your team’s Annual Ministry Plan for the coming year. Individual goals should be based on and contribute to team goals. Therefore if possible, first decide what the whole team will be focusing on in the coming year, and then develop your individual ministry plan to build on and contribute to that team plan. If your team is not ready to work on its Team Ministry Plan, do not use that as an excuse to not develop your own individual Annual Ministry Plan.
  3. Consider the following questions to fuel your thinking as you identify your personal ministry goals:
    1. What are the greatest needs that need to be addressed in our/my ministry in this coming year?
    2. What new opportunities has God given us in the last while?
    3. What new tasks is my team asking me to give time to in the coming year?
    4. What could I change in my current ministry responsibilities that would significantly improve or extend its impact?
    5. What has God been laying on my heart as a priority for this coming year?
    6. What do I need to stop doing so that I will have time and energy to give to these new ministry initiatives?
  4. After listing various possibilities for ministry goals, choose the goals that you consider the greatest priority and most in line with your calling and gifting. Remember no more than seven, and preferably fewer. List these AMP goals on the Annual Ministry Plan worksheet.
  5. Revise your ministry goals to make them “SMART”. Once you have written your goals, review them to determine whether they fit the criteria below:
    1. S -Strategic (How clearly does it propel our vision forward?)
    2. M - Measurable (How will I know when I have completed the goal?)
    3. A - Ambitious (a faith-stretch) (Does it require me to depend on God?)
    4. R - Realistic (Do I have some ideas for how I would work toward accomplishing it?)
    5. T - Time-bound (Have I set a deadline for completing the goal?) Annual ministry plan goals should be able to be completed within one year. If the goal will take longer than that, divide the goal into smaller chunks and set your goal for this year’s AMP to be just the first one or two pieces of the bigger goal.
  6. Give a copy of your Annual Ministry Plan to your supervisor (team leader) at the beginning of the year. Your supervisor can help you develop the goals if you are stuck, and will help keep you on track during the year.
  7. As you accomplish ministry goals during the year, record what was accomplished in the line below each goal statement on the worksheet. Not everything will be accomplished. That is OK. Sometimes, the goal will need to be changed during the year, as circumstances change. This completed AMP report (goals and what was accomplished) should be given to your team leader at the end of the year.
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