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Book decisions

How do you decide what books to read? Read a blog post by Ken Guenther on this topic.

Book reviews

  • A weekly book review (Book Look) on mission topics is provided by Missio Nexus for any members who have created a profile on the Missio Nexus website. These book reviews are provided courtesy of The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College and Evangelical Missions Quarterly.
  • Leader's Edge Book Summary. “Missio Nexus’ leadership thoughtfully summarize books, giving you the Leader’s Edge to help inform, stimulate and provoke profitable discussion. A monthly email includes a link to one book in each of three categories: Leadership, Mission/Ministry and Spiritual Formation.”In addition to a 75-word summary, each edition of Leader’s Edge unpacks the best information including the best chapter, the best quotes, the best illustration, the best idea, and the best take away.
  • Mary Lou's Reviews A blog and book review service for people working cross-culturally. The purpose of this service is to provide weekly Christian resources for spiritual depth and intellectual vigor based on a different book each week. There is a sound bite to consider each week and a brief review that summarizes the book’s highlights. Books are chosen in the areas of global concerns, cross-cultural work, discipleship, and spiritual formation. They are recent books, most published since 2008. The purpose of the service is to keep you current with literature in your field without having to read each book. The reviewer is Dr. M.L. Codman-Wilson, a veteran of cross-cultural ministry and a professional both academically and practically in international teaching and mission outreach. She currently works with TEAM’s Lifelong Learning Center. If you are interested in being added to the weekly sound bite and review list, contact


  • Dialogical Apologetics: A Person-Centered Approach to Christian Defense by David K. Clark. Reviewed by Gary Ridley. Clark’s book emphasizes dialogue, a common topic in missiology, especially when interacting with adherents of other religions. Dialogue is often seen as antithetical to proclamation and defense of Christianity. The author makes a case that dialogue does not require neutrality or a commitment to pluralism. The book provides a model for authentic dialogue that is compatible with the defense and proclamation of the gospel.

Bible and Theology

Church Planting

Cross-cultural Ministry

  • Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes by E. Randolph Richards. Those who grew up in the west are quite often unaware that those in different cultures don't approach the Bible with the same assumptions that we do. This doesn't necessarily make us (or them) wrong, but it can lead to problems in communicating effectively. Since the Bible wan't written from a Western perspective, it can hamper our own understanding of Scripture as well.

English as Second Language (ESL)




see books listed on the Leadership books page

Member Care

see books listed on the Member Care page


Hiebert’s ‘capstone’ book, Transforming Worldviews, is a must-read in my opinion. In our ongoing attempts at contextualization, Hiebert helps us to understand that we don’t modify the gospel to fit our worldview or the convert’s worldview. This book provides a guide for analysing worldview for the purpose of disciple-making, a process in which the worldviews of both the disciple and the disciple-maker are transformed by the biblical worldview.

Missionary biographies

Muslim Ministry

  • A reading list compiled from the lists of two of our experienced workers for those preparing for Muslim ministries.

Social Issues - Dealing with Poverty

  • Chosen as the 2010 Book of the Year in the mission category by David Mays of the Mission Exchange

Spiritual Life / Disciplines

Theological Education

Training Missionaries

Hardware / Software


Wondering how you will get these good books to your country? Consider purchasing the Amazon Kindle, and reading your books on it. Not only are digital books significantly cheaper, the shipping costs are non-existent, and you can carry your books with you wherever you go. But Amazon digital books can also be read on your computer (PC or Mac) or on your IPhone, Android Phone, IPad or Blackberry. These Kindle applications are all free!

Library management software

Free software to keep track of books you own, want to read or have read

  • Calibre is a great software program designed to manage all your e-books on your computer. Best of all, it is also free. It works great with the Kindle.
  • Goodreads. An online site that works well with Amazon and the Kindle


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