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Partnership with Columbia International University

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Columbia International University! Since 1923, CIU has been educating people from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the message of Christ. CIU emphasizes academic excellence, as well as the transformation of the heart, and the development of practical ministry skills. All three are equally important as we seek to take God’s word around the globe.
A partnership with CIU means that we and our dependents receive a 25 percent tuition reduction for any course at any time of the year, with the exception of doctoral courses. It applies to members and employees of SEND International, serving in sending and receiving areas.
No one university or agency can do alone the great things we can accomplish together for the sake of God’s Kingdom. Partnering with others committed to sharing God’s plan and purpose with a lost world means more glory for Him.
We are excited about the future and the eternal impact of this partnership! As we work together, we can make a difference for His name in all the earth.
Contact the CIU Admissions Office for additional information. For more information about Undergraduate programs, email Grace Johnson at or call 800-777-2227 ext 5024. For Seminary or Graduate School programs, email June Wolfe at or call 800-777-2227 ext 5335.
(from Warren Janzen's August 2009 Connecting Point newsletter to SEND membership)

For those taking less than 9 credit hours per semester, the current tuition fee per credit hour is $450 for seminary and School of World Mission courses and $495 for graduate level classes. With the 35% discount, this works out to $292.50 and $322 respectively.

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