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Information about COVID-19

Protect yourself from COVID-19

Help for churches during COVID-19

Ministry during the COVID-19 crisis

Leadership during the COVID-19 crisis

  • Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why Every Organization is Now a Startup by Andy Crouch, Kurt Keilhacker and Dave Blanchard in the Praxis Journal. “The novel coronavirus is not just something for leaders to “get through” for a few days or weeks. Instead, we need to treat COVID-19 as an economic and cultural blizzard, winter, and beginning of a “little ice age” — a once-in-a-lifetime change that is likely to affect our lives and organizations for years.”
  • Leadership Doesn't Stop > podcast by Pat Lencioni. Advice for leading in uncertain times.
  • A Few Thoughts for Leaders and Managers by Pat Lencioni. How to help people we lead in this uncertain time. First, be exceedingly human. Second, be persistent in communicating. Third, be creative.
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