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Criteria for Coaching Pool

SEND Coaching Pool Qualifications

  • Has completed the Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders 18 hour training
  • Has completed 25 hours of practice coaching, including 18 hours (3 clients) of MOP-up Coaching
  • Has been a member of SEND for at least 4 years or if not a member of SEND, has served in cross-cultural missions or a member care capacity for cross-cultural missionaries for at least 6 years
  • Has been coached or is being coached by a qualified coach
  • Is willing and has time to coach SEND missionaries, including at least one missionary each year who is not a member of their area
  • Is willing to report coaching hours to SEND U leadership on a monthly basis for statistical purposes.
  • Is willing to be evaluated on their coaching skills. This will take the form of coaching evaluations by SEND coachees as well as an annual coaching call with an approved coaching mentor
  • Has good listening skills and has learned to refrain from quickly giving advice
  • Is continuing to develop his/her skills in coaching (by reading, on-line discussions with other coaches, further training, etc)
  • Demonstrates Christ-like character (has a good reputation within their mission team)
  • Wants to help missionaries grow and develop to become all that God has intended them to be
  • Works with an approved mentor coach annually to improve in coaching skills.
  • Mentor coaching can include: debriefing coach after coaching sessions, listening to a coaching session (with a willing coachee) or being coached by the mentee coach.
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