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Culturally Effective Gospel Proclamation

Overview: The missionary understands the cultural orientation toward guilt, shame, and fear. The gospel presentation will also be framed within the biblical story-line starting with creation and the fall of mankind. The value of storytelling and chronological Bible study are understood, and the missionary is able to practice both.

Potential Topics/Skills Suggested Training Options
Simply the Story Training Simply the Story“ NMT Track 1
See website for training workshops and resources
Developing Spiritual Discussions “Transitioning to Spiritual Discussions” NMT Track 2
Simple ideas for building relationships with neighbors
Gospel Message “Clear Message of the Gospel” NMT Track 3
Chronological Gospel Evangelism “The Story of Hope” by
“From Creation to the Cross”
Working with Younger Generations They Like Jesus but Not the Church“ by Dan Kimball

Other evangelism resources
Evangelism: Abundantly Sowing the Seed > online training module by World Team
Communicating Christ in Animistic Contexts by Gailyn Van Rheenen.
Alpha Course
Questioning Evangelism by Randy Newman
Corner Conversations by Randy Newman
Speaking of Jesus by J. Mack Stiles
Marks of the Messenger by J. Mack Stiles


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