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 ====== MOP Curriculum Guide ====== ====== MOP Curriculum Guide ======
-October ​2019 version+November ​2019 version 
 ===== Purpose of MOP ===== ===== Purpose of MOP =====
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   - Identify one or two habits for development in the coming year.   - Identify one or two habits for development in the coming year.
-==== Going By Myself, But Never Alone ====+==== Appreciating Singleness ​====
-Description ​- Often one of the greatest fears for men and women who are single ​and considering cross cultural ministry is the fear of never finding anyone to marry. As we honestly look at the statisticsthe reality creates even more angstHowever this session will be a time for singles to celebrate ​what God has done and is doing in our lives. We will affirm our belief that God has a good plan for us as we remind one another that along with God’s leading is also His provision for all our needsincluding companionship,​ fellowship, and relationships. The blessings ​of being single ​will be affirmed and the challenges looked at realistically. We will consider how we will live our lives as we wait for God to provide a spouse or not. Furtherwe will discuss ​how to keep our hearts and minds pure in our service and ministry. If we have time, we may even broach ​the subject ​of what to look for in your “missionary mate.+Description: Singles make a significant percentage ​of the missionary workforce. Although Paul and Jesus make it clear that there are definite advantages to being single ​for the sake of the kingdom of GodScripture also puts a high value on marriage and familiesThis session will look at what the Bible says about the importance ​and blessing of bearing offspring, and how singles can participate ​in the blessing through disciple-making (bearing spiritual offspring). The development ​of the theme of offspring ​will be traced through Scriptureconcluding with how singles uniquely point to the realities ​of the age to come.
-  - Engage in developing a “theology of singleness” based on the truth of scripture +  - To understand what the Scriptures say about offspring under both the old and new covenants. 
-  - Understand ​the blessings ​and challenges of single life while living cross culturally +  - To appreciate how singles can fully participate in the blessings ​that were reserved for married people in the Old Testament. 
-  - Be encouraged to trust God to meet all his/her needs, in accordance with HIS perfect will+  - To recognize how we can better support and value our single missionary colleagues.
 ==== Moral Purity ==== ==== Moral Purity ====
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