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Intentional Disciplemaking: SEND's philosophy

Discipleship levels

Discipleship Materials

  • Disciple-Making Movements (DMM) and Church Planting Movements (CPM & T4T) page of the wiki provides helps in growing disciples particularly in group contexts.
  • Banding Together: A Practical Guide for Disciple Makers Leader's Guide > Banding Together looks back at the disciple-making “bands” of John Wesley. Its main goal is to get people into the scriptures daily, journaling, and applying the scriptures.
  • Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden is a tool for taking a small group (3-4) of people through a number of theological and scriptural concepts. It is a tool based on Ogden's Transforming Discipleship.
  • New Life in Christ > The New Life In Christ discipleship manuals were designed to help Christians grow. The lessons will help new believers take their first steps towards victory in their Christian life. The original volume was written in Spanish, and later translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, German, Tagalog, and several other languages. Recommended by Craig Nordgren.

D-House (Discipleship House) and Engage programs

see this page

Books about discipleship

Articles about discipleship

  • Discipling Others by Ron Hardy. Ron shares some of the principles that he has used in the past as he has discipled hundreds of high school and college students over the past 40 years
  • The Lausanne Cape Town Commitment > discipleship and disciple-making is emphasized at several points in the commitment

Online courses on discipleship

  • Online course with our partners at WorldTeam called: Discipleship: Growing Mature Followers of Jesus with challenging content and stimulating discussion with other learners who see the critical role of discipleship in church planting among the unreached.

Podcasts about discipleship

Diaspora Ministry

Diaspora ministry > Click on the link for the SENDU wiki page on Diaspora


Ethnography > Click on the link for the SEND U wiki page on Ethnography


Evangelism > Click on the link for the SEND U wiki page on Evangelism

Muslim Ministry

Muslim ministry page > Click on the link for the SEND U wiki page on Muslim Ministry


Story-telling > Click on the link for the SENDU wiki page on Story-telling

Youth Ministry

See the wiki pages on SEND's Youth Ministry

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