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-====== Public Appearance ( ======+====== Public Appearance (Guided Discovery Program) ​======
-{{:​3_dressed_to_serve.doc|Dressed to Serve.doc}} [[:​file_view_3_20dressed_20to_20serve.doc_625929029_3_20dressed_20to_20serve.doc|3 Dressed to Serve.doc]] +  * {{:​3_dressed_to_serve.doc|Dressed to Serve}} 
- +   * {{:​3_between_two_worlds_-_j._hudson_taylor_article.docx|Between Two Worlds }} J. Hudson Taylor ​article
-\\ +
-{{:​3_between_two_worlds_-_j._hudson_taylor_article.docx|Between Two Worlds ​- J. Hudson Taylor Article.docx}} [[:​file_view_3_20between_20two_20worlds_20-_20j._20hudson_20taylor_20article.docx_625929027_3_20between_20two_20worlds_20-_20j._20hudson_20taylor_20article.docx|3 Between Two Worlds - J. Hudson Taylor ​Article.docx]]+
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