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   * {{:ways_people_give_-_updated_6.26.17.docx|Ways People Give}}   * {{:ways_people_give_-_updated_6.26.17.docx|Ways People Give}}
   * {{:income_report_form.docx|Income Report Form}}   * {{:income_report_form.docx|Income Report Form}}
-  * {{:reimbursement_voucher_2017.xlsx|Reimbursement voucher}} 
   * {{:reimbursable_expenses_vehicle_policy.pdf|Home Service Reimbursable Expenses}}   * {{:reimbursable_expenses_vehicle_policy.pdf|Home Service Reimbursable Expenses}}
   * {{:tech_reimbursement_guidelines.pdf|Tech Reimbursement Guidelines}}   * {{:tech_reimbursement_guidelines.pdf|Tech Reimbursement Guidelines}}
   * [[|Currency Exchange Rate Tracker]]   * [[|Currency Exchange Rate Tracker]]
 ===== Discretionary Leave ===== ===== Discretionary Leave =====
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