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 +====== Session Title: Ethnic Church Debrief ======
 +===== Facilitator: Gary Ridley =====
 +=== **Description:** ===
 +=== The objective of this activity is to provide an immersion cross-cultural experience in the local MOP context. This experience and subsequent debrief and reflection will provide greater awareness of the challenges new missionaries face in participating in the life of a church in another culture. ===
 +==== Objectives: ====
 +=== 1. Experience some of the emotions and dynamics of being a part of a worship service in an alternate cultural context ===
 +2. Reflect on the learning that occurs as a result of that experience with application to future context\\ \\ 
 +==== Handouts for Ethnic Church Debrief: ====
 +  * {{ :ethnic_church_debrief.docx|Ethnic Church Debrief}}
 +  * {{ :participant_observation_as_a_culture_learning_tool.docx|Participant Observation as a Culture Learning Tool}}
 +\\ Return to the main [[mop_july_2017|MOP July 2017]] page
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