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 +===== Facilitator: Lisa Engelsman =====
 +===== Description: =====
 + This is an introductory session where we explore participant’s expectations for our MOP program and then connect that to their expectations for their anticipated first 4-year term of missionary service. When expectations for ministering cross culturally collide with the realities of daily life and work in a foreign culture missionaries many times experience disappointment. This session will help participants identify their personal expectations for their first term and discuss healthy ways to deal with unmet expectations.\\ 
 +===== Objectives: =====
 + 1. Each participant will identify personal expectations for their first term of service as it relates to a list of potential culture stressors.\\  2. Each participant will be able discuss ways to deal with unmet expectations.\\ \\ 
 +===== Handouts: =====
 +  * {{ :expectations_worksheet.docx|Expectation Worksheet}}
 +===== Lisa's {{ :expectations2013.pptx|Power Point Presentation}} =====
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