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 +**To: All SEND members**\\ **From: Ken Guenther**\\ **Re: comments about coaching – A monthly SEND U communication**\\ \\  Last week, I coached my 100th hour. A hundred hours may sound like a lot to someone just starting, but I still feel like a novice. For perspective, the International Coaching Federation requires that a coach must complete at least 750 hours of coaching to gain the status of Professional Certified Coach.\\ \\  As I evaluate my own coaching experience, I realize that one of my weaknesses has been my tendency to start sharing my ideas of what the coachee might do to address a particular problem, before I have adequately helped him discover his own solutions to that problem. The problem being described reminds me of a similar situation from my ministry with SEND and I begin sharing what my team or I did in that situation. Sometimes I have caught myself, and forced myself to ask questions and carefully help the coachee explore options. But often I find myself kicking myself mentally for speaking up too soon, for being too quick to share advice. I think I am making progress, but my coachees know that I am not yet 100% cured.\\ \\  Now there is a place for the coach offering suggestions. But this is only appropriate after the coachee has thought through the issue and has exhausted his or her own ideas. Even then, the coach must be careful to offer any suggestions very tentatively, and encourage the coachee to reject or modify the idea if it doesn't fit.\\ \\  Why is it inappropriate for the coach to share his ideas right from the beginning? Believe it or not, a few of my coachees actually want to hear my suggestions, based on my years with the mission. But my experience also tells me that when I offer a suggestion too quickly, it often has put a stop to any further brain-storming, and the client just adopts that idea as his action step. Two weeks later at the next coaching session, I find out that the coachee has not made any progress at all on that plan of action. Yes, he committed himself to doing this step, but apparently it did not fit his personality, his way of thinking or his situation. My idea sounded good, maybe even great, but he didn't own it. I would much rather have my coachees be 100% or 75% successful at implementing a mediocre idea than a total failure at implementing a great idea. And an idea that doesn't match the coachee's internal wiring could hardly be considered great anyway. No, the great ideas are probably going to come from the coachee himself as we take what he already knows and look at it from multiple angles.\\ \\  So I continue to battle with my own proclivity to give advice and seek to sharpen my skills in drawing out good ideas from my coachees. I want my coachees develop confidence in their own Spirit-empowered ability to find solutions to their problems, and then the ownership and conviction to implement those solutions. Praise God that by His grace this is happening in my different coaching series across the mission.\\ \\  I want to end by sharing how coaching helped one of our SEND missionaries in Japan. Jon Winter shares:\\ //"I began as a coaching client at a very low time personally in our ministry here in Japan. We had come back from our first home service with hope as well as a sense of urgency. Our prayers had been focused on asking God to give us clear direction in how and where we should plant an alternative style church in the Tokyo area. Nothing had seemed clear for about six months, and my first coaching session must have sounded pretty desperate. If things didn't become clear soon, I didn't know how I could continue here. Through our coaching sessions together and as God began to open up the path, step by step, I began to gain hope and then direction. Coaching became a component of what God would do over the next year and a half to gather a group of families who together with us are discovering Christ in community."//\\ \\  Again, as I have said in past "Comments on coaching", if you would like to try being coached, and see whether a coach might help you gain clarity, restore hope, and uncover great ideas that you didn't know you had, just send me an email (, and I will try to connect you with a coach that would be a good fit for you. I am excited that in April, five more SEND missionaries will be getting the training in coaching, so soon SEND U will have a good number of both men and women available to coach their fellow missionaries.\\ \\  that others might serve,\\  Ken\\ \\ [[comments_on_coaching|return to main list ]]
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