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 +===== Facilitator:​ Lisa Engelsman ===== 
 +===== Description:​ ===== 
 + This game gives the participant the opportunity to design and act out a certain cultural rule. Each participant will be placed in one of 4 groups and each group will receive a printed Trait Description and an Instruction Sheet. Each group will then develop their own cultural way of expressing themselves, following the instruction sheet and keeping in mind the trait that is distinctive to their group. Each group will then visit the other cultural groups.\\ \\  After we have visited the other cultures a few times, we will do a debrief, followed by an analysis of the various cultures from a missiological perspective.\\ \\  
 +===== Objectives ===== 
 + 1.To experience the cultural clash between people of different cultures\\ ​ 2.To assist participants in learning how to adapt in different cultural settings\\ ​ 3.To examine the scriptural connection between a person’s culture and their view of God.
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