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Fruit to Harvest - Table of Contents

Fruit to Harvest: Witness of God's Great Work among Muslims, edited by Gene Daniels, Pam Arlund and Jim Haney. Published in 2019 by William Carey Press who sells both an e-book and a paper version. Also available as paperback at Amazon. See Ken G's review on the SEND U blog.


Introductory material


Foreword (Don McCurry)

Preface: Abiding in Jesus:

An Introduction to Vision 5:9 and Abide, Bear Fruit

Preface: A Call to Action:

The Abide Commitment (Martin Hall)


Sermon One (Dick Brogden)

(Stefan Henger, section editor)

  • Chapter 1 Extraordinary Boldness to Muslim Peoples: Global Trends Task Force Plenary Presentations, Abide, Bear Fruit Global Consultation (Jim Haney)
  • Chapter 2 Rise of the Majority World: Reasons for Celebration, Caution, and Counsel (John Cheong)
  • Chapter 3 Gospel Advance among Muslim Peoples (Jim Haney)
  • Chapter 4 Opportunities and Threats in the Muslim World: A Case Study (Pam Arlund)
  • Chapter 5 The Faith of Believers from Muslim Backgrounds: A Case Study (Abu Suleman Yahiya)
  • Chapter 6 The Love of Faithful Families (Sue Eenigenburg, Naveed, Sara, and Linda Simon)
  • Chapter 7 Prayer: The Fuel for Change (Tamara)
  • Chapter 8 Organizational Threats and Opportunities (Martin Hall and John Becker)
  • Chapter 9 Assessing Kingdom Movements for Muslim Peoples (Jim Haney)
  • Chapter 10 The Hopes, Dreams, and Prayers of Younger Workers in the Muslim World (Michael Kaspar)

Sermon Two (Deborah Lee)

Section 2: Harvest Field

(Pam Arlund, section editor)

  • Chapter 11 Urban Muslim Peoples: Transitions and New Ethnic Streams among the Least Reached: A Case Study (Minh Ha Nguyen and Marko Pretorius)
  • Chapter 12 The Concept of Community and Identity among Muslims: A Case Study (Jonathan and Sofia Morgan)
  • Chapter 13 Discipling the Displaced in the Global South (John & Opeyemi Idoko and Namuwoza Wilson)
  • Chapter 14 Ministering in the Context of Trauma (Sarah G)
  • Chapter 15 Sheep in Need of a Shepherd (Caleb Rome)
  • Chapter 16 Living Water for Muslim Women (Moyra Dale, Cathy Hine, and Hasinoro Raja)
  • Chapter 17 Understanding the Role of Honor in Muslim Society (Audrey Frank and Jairo de Oliveira)
  • Chapter 18 How Would Jesus Shepherd an MBB’s Heart? (David F. Arzouni)

Sermon Three (Roya and Javed)

Section 3: Harvest Force

(Nate Scholz, section editor)

  • Chapter 19 The Current Shift in Leadership from Expatriate to Local Workers (Gene Daniels)
  • Chapter 20 The Joy of the Harvest (Leina E.)
  • Chapter 21 Suffering as a Blessing! (B. Osman)
  • Chapter 22 House Lights: Slaves Who Bring Freedom (Gene Daniels and Brother Barnabas)

Sermon Four (Yassir Eric)

Section 4: Harvest Pathways (Gene Daniels, section editor)

  • Chapter 23 Sending Structures that Work: Unleashing the Global South (FD and JS)
  • Chapter 24 Mobilizing for the Unengaged through Diaspora Ministry (Dr. Brian Hébert)
  • Chapter 25 Extreme Threats Require Good Preparation (Brian Eckheart)
  • Chapter 26 The Gift of Presence (Shodankeh Johnson and John Becker)
  • Chapter 27 Factors that Multiply Movements (Shalom and Trevor)
  • Chapter 28 Indigenous Media Can Spark Disciplemaking Movements to Christ (Calvin and Carol Conkey)
  • Chapter 29 Peacemaking in Albania and Kosovo (David Shenk)
  • Chapter 30 Fruitful Practices Learning Communities (Nate Scholz and Larry Burke)

Sermon Five (Allan Matamoros)


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