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 {{tablelayout?rowsHeaderSource=Auto&float=center}} {{tablelayout?rowsHeaderSource=Auto&float=center}}
-|**[[:complementarianism_egalitarianism|Complementarianism and egalitarianism]]**   |**[[:finishing_well|Finishing Well]]**   |**[[:prayer|Developing your prayer life]]**   |+|**[[:complementarianism_egalitarianism|Complementarianism and egalitarianism]]**   |**[[:finishing_well|Finishing Well]]**{{:new-icon2.gif?nolink&25}}  |**[[:prayer|Developing your prayer life]]**   |
 {{  :send_u_wiki_home_picture.jpg?700x467  |send_u_wiki_home_picture.jpg}} {{  :send_u_wiki_home_picture.jpg?700x467  |send_u_wiki_home_picture.jpg}}
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