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Individual Growth Plan

All SEND members are expected to create and implement an Individual Growth Plan

SEND International desires the personal and professional growth of every member of the mission. We believe that our members are our organization’s greatest resource, and we want to maximize our effectiveness in accomplishing the overall mission of SEND and in bearing fruit in the individual ministries which God has called us to.

However, IGPs are not only important for SEND. We believe that our ongoing growth and development brings glory to God and cooperates with the ongoing transformative work of the Holy Spirit within us, making us into the image of the Son. If our strengths, skills and even ministry roles are God's gifts to us, then we must be good stewards of those gifts, and seek to develop them to their greatest fruitfulness (1 Timothy 4:14-15).


Your IGP should be closely connected to your Annual Ministry Plan. Your IGP can prepare and equip you for the ministry that God is putting before you in the coming season.

However, not all your IGP goals need to be about preparing ourselves for ministry. The Missionary Growth Areas document identifies three major categories: spiritual formation, self-management & ministry skills. It is important to look at learning holistically. Our calling encompasses all areas of our life, and so we should be considering all areas of our life as possible areas of growth.

In addition to strengthening weak areas, consider growing in topics that you currently enjoy and thrive in. Building knowledge and deepening experience in an existing skill or interest can be just as beneficial as focusing on a new or weak subject.


SEND encourages us to give 10% of our time for our ongoing growth and development. That would be the equivalent of one morning a week or 2 days a month.

Note: the IGP is best done after you have completed your Annual Ministry Plan for the coming year)

  1. Prayer– Ask God to direct you and listen for his leading in where He would like you to grow.
  2. Time Period–Decide whether your IGP will be filled out annually, quarterly or monthly.
  3. Growth Plan–Fill out the IGP form.
  4. Accountability–Contact someone or join an IGP group to discuss your learning goal for this time period.
  5. Reflect–Fill out the IGP reflection form at the end of the period and as learning activities are completed.
  6. Repeat–Complete another IGP form for the next time period and repeat the process.

Additional info:

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