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IGP - Ministry Skills

This document is a work in progress. Feel free to add any resources that may help promote growth in any of the areas listed (or send your suggestions to a SEND U staff member.


(know and clearly explain gospel, know methods, have experience, confidence, passion to reach the lost)


(nurturing new believers; developing reproducing disciples)


(cross-cultural CP; CP movements; types of church planters; developing national leaders)

Ability to Lead Groups

Communication Skills

(giving testimony; communicating with donors; teaching & preaching; storying)

Language Acquisition

(develop preparatory skills; growing in fluency)

Developing Relationships

(with lost; among team members; with those of other cultures; adopting an incarnational lifestyle)

Conflict Resolution

(resolving own conflicts; ability to be a peacemaker in conflicts of others)

Coaching / Mentoring

(encouraging others in their development and ministry)

  • Coaching > a SEND U Wiki page with many articles and resources
  • Comments on Coaching > a series of articles by Ken Guenther
  • Questions for Mentors > This is a very simple, one-page list of questions in 5 key areas that all new missionaries are faced with: language study, cultural adjustment, spiritual health, personal/family adjustments, and church involvement. This just gives an idea of some of the kinds of practical questions that could be discussed between mentor and mentee.
  • Thrive in a New Place > this is a great little booklet put out by SIM, again to be used in a mentoring relationship with new missionaries. It is intended to be used weekly over the course of several months. Included are great questions, covering a range of topics, as well as evaluation tools. Again, a great little tool that could easily be adapted to a particular team/field.
  • Mentoring New Missionaries > by John DeValve, SIM. This is an excellent EMQ article from 2008 with a great rationale for the need to mentor new missionaries and specific ideas as to how to do this.


(finding your fit; respecting other's strengths & roles on the team; pulling your weight; multi-cultural teams)

Technical Skills

(skills specific to your ministry assignment)

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