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Missionary Growth Areas

Spiritual Formation (SF)

Spiritual Formation page

  • Prayer & Fasting - [regular personal prayer life; corporate/public prayer; utilizing fasting in focused prayer]
  • Scripture - [read entire Bible; regular devotional reading; memorization; meditation; study; familiarity]
  • Worship - [corporate worship; personal worship]
  • Submissiveness & Accountability - [to God; to leadership/ authority; to one-another]
  • Gratitude - [toward God; toward others]
  • Walking in the Spirit - [dependence; displaying the fruit of Spirit; power for ministry, perseverance]
  • Holiness & Purity - [surrender; obedience; experiencing forgiveness; moral purity; dealing with temptation]
  • Calling - [clarity and understanding; corporate calling; personal calling]
  • Soul Care - [Sabbath; rest; solitude; silence; journaling; spiritual retreats]
  • Spiritual Warfare - [awareness, spiritual armor, praying against forces of darkness]
  • Community / Body Life [serving in the local church; understanding/using spiritual gifts; encouraging and loving others, unity in diversity]

Self-Management (SM)

Self-management page

  • Life Skills - [hygiene; laundry; cooking; shopping; navigation/ability to use a map]
  • Financial Stewardship - [tithing; personal budgeting; being content; debt management; giving to others]
  • Physical Wellness - [health; nutrition; exercise; rest]
  • Emotional Wellness - [manage stress, express emotions appropriately, have positive outlook on life]
  • Interpersonal Skills - [conversational ability, take initiative in building relationships, practice hospitality]
  • Time Management - [organization; promptness; scheduling; prioritizing]
  • Family - [solid marriage; good communication; boundaries; rearing children]
  • Self-awareness [understanding of your personality, gifts, strengths, passion and how they fit together to fulfill God’s design for your life]
  • Personal Integrity - [honesty; transparency; accountability]
  • Learner - [humble, ask good questions; listen well]

Ministry Skills (MS)

Ministry skills page

  • Evangelism - [know and clearly explain gospel, know methods, have experience, confidence, passion to reach the lost]
  • Disciple-Making - [nurturing new believers, developing reproducing disciples]
  • Church-Planting (CP) - [cross-cultural CP; CP movements; types of church planters, developing national leaders]
  • Ability to Lead - [leadership/facilitation of small group Bible studies; leading ministries, teams; servant leadership]
  • Communication Skills - [giving testimony, communicating with donors, teaching & preaching, storying]
  • Language Acquisition - [develop preparatory skills, growing in fluency]
  • Developing Relationships - [with lost; among team members; with those of other cultures, adopting an incarnational lifestyle]
  • Conflict Resolution - [resolving own conflicts, ability to be peacemaker in conflicts of others]
  • Coaching/Mentoring - [encouraging others in their development and ministry]
  • Teamwork - [finding your fit; respecting other’s gifts/graces on the team; pulling your weight; multi-cultural teams]
  • Technical Skills - [skills specific to your ministry assignment]

The links for the three major categories will take you to pages on the SEND U wiki that list resources for these 32 growth areas.

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