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IGP Resources for Growing in Self-Management Skills

This document is a work in progress. Feel free to add any resources that may help promote growth in any of the areas listed (or send your suggestions to a Wiki administrator.)

Life Skills

(hygiene; laundry; cooking; shopping; navigation/ability to use a map)

Financial Stewardship

(tithing; personal budgeting; being content; debt management; giving to others)

Physical Wellness

(healthy; nutrition; exercise; rest)

  • The Daniel Plan: offers practical solutions to improving your health physically, spiritually, relationally, and emotionally
  • Nutrition Action Guide: objective research on modern trends in food with information on fast foods, prepared foods, diets, etc.
  • Carnivora: 17 essential nutrients in their natural state working synergistically to support the natural healing process

Emotional Wellness

(manage stress; express emotions appropriately; have positive outlook on life)

  • Emotional Wellness > a SEND U Wiki page with links to many articles and resources.
  • ProQOL: is the most commonly used measure of the negative and positive affects of helping others who experience suffering and trauma. The ProQOL has sub-scales for compassion satisfaction, burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • CHOPS: grid/chart to help address and deal with stress
  • Missionary Training International: debriefing & renewal retreat
  • Missionary Care: resources for missions and mental health
  • Member Care: SEND U wiki resources

Interpersonal Skills

(conversational ability; take initiative in building relationships; hospitality)

Time Management

(organization; promptness; scheduling; prioritizing)


(solid marriage; good communication; boundaries; rearing children)


(understanding of your personality, strengths, passion, and how they fit together to fulfill God's design for your life)

Personal Integrity

(honesty; transparency; accountability)


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