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 +====== Process of developing your growth plan: ======
 + (Note: the IGP is best done after you have completed your Annual Ministry Plan for the coming year)\\ 
 +  - **Spend some time in prayer**, asking God to direct you as you take a good look at yourself and plan for growth and development in the coming year. Listen to what God is saying to you about where He would like you to grow.
 +  - **Review your Annual Ministry Plan** (your ministry goals or those of your team) for the coming year. Then look at your job description as well. Ask yourself the following questions:
 +    - What training would help me to accomplish my ministry goals and responsibilities more effectively in the coming year?
 +    - What books could I read or which people could I interview in order to understand better the topics I will need to teach in ministry in this coming year?
 +    - What could I do to strengthen my understanding of the language, culture and history of the people I am seeking to engage in ministry in this coming year?
 +  - **Review the list of Missionary Growth Areas**. This might give you some more ideas of what could be the focus of growth and learning in the coming year.
 +  - **Choose two or three growth areas that you want to prioritize** in the coming year. At least one of these should be in a ministry area. Write these on [[|the IGP Worksheet]].
 +  - **Describe what improvements you would like to see** in this area in the second column on the worksheet. What would you like to learn? What would it look like if you were more skilled in this area?
 +  - **Choose one to three learning activities that you could do that would help you grow in each of your growth area.** Some examples of possible learning activities could be books you want to read, people you want to interview, research projects you want to complete, or seminars you want to attend. Go to the [[amp_igp|SEND U wiki]] for ideas. If you are stuck, ask a trusted friend, a coach or your team leader for ideas. Put these learning activities in the third column on the worksheet.
 +  - **Choose the date (during the coming year) by which you intend to complete** this learning activity. It is helpful to stagger the completion dates throughout the year, so that you know what you need to do first, and do not procrastinate until the end of the year to start your learning activities.
 +  - Show your completed IGP to your team leader or a trusted friend so that they can encourage you and keep you accountable.
 +  - As you complete each learning activity, mark the date on the IGP form.
 +  - **Reflect on what you have learned**- During the year, and again just prior to doing another self-assessment at the end of the year, reflect on what you have learned over the past year. You may want to ask a coach to help you identify what you have learned. Use the reflection form on the back page of the form.
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