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Intentional Living

MOP February 2016

Facilitator: Ken Guenther


Will your life and ministry be any different because of what you have learned at MOP? According to Dallas Willard, it is just belief in magic to think that if we just hear good teaching long enough, it will automatically transform our life. We need to develop plans and disciplines that line up with God is saying to us and doing in our lives. We need a long obedience in the same direction, consistently living according to what we know is true about our God, ourselves and our life's work. By living intentionally, you can become all that God intended you to be. The material will be divided into 5 basic topics:

  1. Start with your heart;
  2. Understand how God has designed you;
  3. Identify your key result areas
  4. Plan for your ongoing development
  5. Develop life rhythms.


  1. To assess oneself in terms of self-awareness, and realize where one needs to grow in this area
  2. To begin the process of identifying one’s key result areas in life and ministry.
  3. To identify a couple of key rhythms necessary for intentional living.



- A guide for developing your own personal growth plan

- In Ken's estimation, this is as good, if not better than StrengthsFinder 2.0.

- costs $37 through SEND U. Highly recommended to learn how your personality influences how you work with others

- You can get a discounted price for this assessment if you read Steve Moore's book “Who is my Neighbor?” online or on Kindle

- Tony Stolfzfus looks at the life of Joseph as a model of how God often prepares and calls leaders, and tracks the place and value of the valleys in our lives - those times when we think that we are not making any headway at all in our pursuit of God's call on our lives.

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