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 +===== Facilitator: Lisa Engelsman =====
 +===== Description: =====
 + This session begins with a card game called "5 Tricks". After playing the game we spend some time talking about cross cultural lessons that can be learned from it. We spend some time talking about Kraft's layers of culture and relate that to Kwast's iceberg model of culture. \\ \\ 
 +===== Objectives: =====
 + 1. To define the term "culture" and explain the relationship between behaviors, values, beliefs and worldview.\\  2. To simulate a cross cultural experience and diagnose what went wrong. \\  3. To classify a list of observations as above or below the surface of an iceberg using Kwast's diagram.\\  4. To discuss the relationship between our culture, our ministry culture and the Scripture.\\ \\ 
 +===== Handouts: =====
 +  * {{ :coats.doc|COATS}}
 +  * {{ :descriptive_or_interpretive_exercise-4.docx|Descriptive or Interpretive}}
 +===== PowerPoints: =====
 +  * {{ :culture_2013-5.ppt|Culture 2013}}
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