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Leadership Team meeting January 29, 2010

Preparation for January 29 meeting

  1. Watch Steve Moore's Video Blog on Scenario Planning
  2. Review the different developmental levels in Blanchard & Hersey's Situational Leadership
  3. Read Ken's email (January 12) re: invitation from ReachGlobal to join their Cross-cultural church planting school
    1. Track 1 schedule (old) for new church planters
    2. Track_2_Schedule (old) for coaches of church planters
  4. Think about any questions on the agenda, including the “getting to know one another” section
  5. Take a look at the SEND U blog I have just created ( ) and become somewhat familiar with what can be found on the SEND U wiki
  6. Read article about why virtual teams fail

Agenda for January 29 meeting

9:00 am, EST

  1. Prayer
  2. Appointment of secretary
  3. Introduction to SEND U
    1. History of training in SEND
    2. The SEND U initiative
    3. The identity of SEND U - What is SEND U? What are we leading? What does leading mean?
    4. SEND U vision
    5. The big picture - equipping for the mission, not for the sake of training
    6. Relationship to IO
    7. Financial report
    8. Where we are today
    9. Prayer for SEND U
  4. Getting to know one another
    1. Tell us about one teacher from elementary, high school or college who really had a positive impact on your life.
    2. In what area do you wish you had been trained earlier on in your mission career?
  5. Expectations of each other
    1. My expectations of the LT
      1. communication with me
      2. relationship building in your region
      3. contribution to web publications
    2. Team expectations of SEND U Director
      1. What do you expect from me?
      2. What type of leadership do you need to fulfill your goals and responsibilities on the team?
    3. Ground rules for meetings
    4. Finances
    5. Items for agenda of LT meetings
  6. SEND U goals
  7. SEND U goals as submitted by the SEND U Director are included
    1. Goals for each Leadership Team member
    2. How do we measure progress?
  8. Scheduling of future meetings of SEND U Leadership Team

We did not have sufficient time to complete the following agenda items:

  1. Cross-cultural church planting school invitation from EFCA/ Reach Global
    1. Should we promote this school among SEND people?
    2. If yes to the first question, how should we promote the church planting school?
    3. Who from the SEND U Leadership Team could attend the school to evaluate it for our purposes?
  2. Team leader leadership training curriculum based on SEND team leader profile
    1. Process for developing this further
  3. SEND's future training needs
  4. How can we look around the corner?
  5. What current training needs are going to be even more acute 5 years from now?
  6. What new training needs will emerge 5 years from now?
  7. Assignments
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