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 +**To: All SEND members**\\ ​ **From: Ken Guenther**\\ ​ **Re: comments about coaching – A monthly SEND U communication**\\ \\  This month I want to address a couple of reasons why we might be reluctant to try coaching, or at least coaching in the way that SEND U is proposing. \\ \\ __**Lack of expertise in my situation**__\\ ​ You might be thinking, "I would like a coach who knows me well and is an expert in both the ministry area (e.g., church planting) and country in which I serve, and since no one in SEND's coaching pool really fits all of those qualifications,​ they can't very well coach me." Does a coach need to know more about your ministry area or your adopted culture than you do? My experience and study in the area of coaching indicates that although it doesn'​t hurt to have a coach who has expertise in your ministry area, this expertise is not necessary to have a great coaching experience. My coach back in 2007 knew basically nothing about SEND or Far East Russia, and yet proved to be an invaluable help to me as I worked through a number of questions and issues related to our ministry and future in Far East Russia. Neither did Keith know me. We had never met face-to-face,​ until I attended his coaching training in Seattle about a year later. Now Keith did have extensive cross-cultural experience, and has been a missionary in three different countries in Asia, so the challenges I was facing were somewhat familiar to him. But the expertise that a coach provides is not as a subject matter expert, but as a change expert. The coach is trained to facilitate the process of discovery, learning and growth in the life of the coachee. SEND U coaches are not experts in every area of ministry, but they are all experienced missionaries,​ who understand cross-cultural ministry, leadership and SEND's ethos. Even more importantly,​ they also have been trained to help you find the answers to your own questions, answers that will not only fit your unique context and ministry, but will be uniquely designed to fit your personality.\\ \\ __**No face-to-face interaction**__\\ ​ Another objection to coaching might focus on the long-distance relationship. "I would prefer to talk to someone face-to-face rather than doing long-distance coaching through Skype."​ Now admittedly, face-to-face interaction does have its advantages. We catch more non-verbal clues when we are holding a conversation with someone sitting next to us. It is easier to show emotional support to someone when you can put your arm around their shoulders. But believe it or not, many coaches prefer to use the phone or Skype, even if their coachee is living in the same city as they are. Although I recognize that "​saving time" is not necessarily a high priority for everyone or every culture, using Skype or the telephone is more time-efficient. If the call is delayed for whatever reason, the waiting time can be used profitably if you are at your desk and sitting in front of your computer. Coaching appointments by phone or Skype occur more punctually because there are no traffic delays. They also tend to be shorter, because a phone call does not require as much "​chit-chat"​ as a sit-down visit in a home or a restaurant. Furthermore it is easier to take notes while you talk if you are sitting in front of a computer screen, and not required to make eye-contact with your coach or coachee. It is also easier to schedule a 7:00 am or a 10:00 pm coaching call if one can does not need to get dressed or drive somewhere before and after the call.\\ ​ Furthermore,​ there are also advantages to having a coach who is removed from the immediate context and the tangle of relationships and problems with which you are dealing, and therefore is able to be more objective in his questions or comments. If your coach is someone with whom you meet with face-to-face,​ there is a greater possibility that he or she will be personally involved in some way in the problems you are trying to address.\\ Some coaches use Skype video so that they retain some of the face-to-face contact, but I rarely do. I find that the additional drain on the Internet bandwidth, and the resulting delays or breaks in the audio still make video more frustrating than helpful. But for others with excellent Internet connections,​ this may be a good option, and thereby minimize some of the negatives of long-distance coaching.\\ \\ **__A new SEND U resource__**\\ ​ I would like to draw your attention to a new SEND U blog (https://​​) that I have started, joining the Internet resources already found on the SEND U wiki ([[http://​​|]]). Hopefully these two Internet sites will give us in SEND U additional ways of communicating with the SEND U membership about training and life-long learning opportunities. \\  SEND U Leadership Team created\\ \\ I am also excited to announce that I now have a Leadership Team working with me to determine training needs and develop SEND U curriculum. Our first official meeting will be later this month. The members of the SEND U Leadership Team are:​\\ ​
 +  * Jon E - SEND U regional coordinator for Asia
 +  * Ted Szymczak - SEND U regional coordinator for Europe
 +  * David Wood - SEND U regional coordinator for North America
 +  * Lisa Engelsman - coordinator for MOP
 +  * Robin Pocklington (for Warren Janzen) - representing the International Leadership Team
 +  * Yours truly - SEND U Director and temporarily SEND U regional coordinator for Eurasia
 + We would appreciate your prayers as we begin working on firming up curriculum for leadership training in SEND and looking at how we can expand and improve the coaching and training already happening in SEND.\\ ​ that others might lead,\\ Ken\\ \\ [[comments_on_coaching|return to main list]]
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