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Previous meeting agenda & minutes

Preparation for June 1 meeting

  • Prepare a short report of your SEND U responsibilities (one or two significant accomplishments, any potential resource person or training resource that you have discovered, one question that other SEND missionaries have asked you about SEND U)
  • Review the File Not FoundFile Not Found, version 4.
  • If you like to work with paper, print it out before the meeting.
  • Note any additional suggestions or changes you would like to make.
  • Do some initial thinking about the questions (under #5 agenda item) that we will discuss about this curriculum.
  • My (Ken's) purpose behind these overall Member Orientation Program objectives: “In MOP, I would like to eventually see each session facilitator and each IO logistical coordinator be intentionally seeking to reinforce these common objectives. It is not just Warren's job to teach SEND values; SEND values should be seen in everything we do at the IO during those 2 weeks. Spiritual disciplines that will sustain new missionaries on the field need to be practiced not just for 50 minutes each morning, but throughout the 2 weeks in small groups, in chapel, in our personal examples, etc. So my goal here in suggesting that we develop overall MOP objectives was not to seek to be comprehensive and list every single goal a particular facilitator might have. Rather, I want to primarily identify objectives that span multiple sessions and define the overall impact that the MOP participant walks away with. Everything that is truly valuable should be taught and reinforced in more than one way. I also want to identify the core of MOP's instructional program that will guide the development of a Philippine version of MOP.”
  • If you don't know what “comments on coaching ” is talking about, review a few of my monthly emails to SEND membership.

Agenda for June 1, 2010 meeting

8:30 am, EST

  1. Prayer
  2. Brief report from SEND U Director (3-5 minutes)
  3. Brief report from each LT member (oral - no more than 3-5 minutes each)
  4. Discuss and approve overall MOP and COP objectives (see below)
  5. Work further on SEND Team Leader Training Curriculum (see below)
    1. Review and approve recent changes and suggestions.
    2. Have we read and can we endorse the books listed on the curriculum?
    3. Should progress through the curriculum be monitored? By whom? How?
    4. Will team leaders be able to start anywhere on the curriculum, or should there be a particular sequence of training?
    5. Will we limit some or all of these training activities to those who are already team leaders? What are the advantages and disadvantages of opening it up to all who are interested?
  6. Decide the future of the monthly "comments on coaching" newsletter that Ken has been writing
  7. Decide future meeting schedule
  8. Assignments

Team Leader Training Curriculum

SEND Team Leader Training Curriculum - File Not FoundFile Not Found
SEND Team Leader Training Curriculum - File Not FoundFile Not Found, incorporating suggestions from Steve Meeker

Overall MOP Objectives

Ken's initial draft
Lisa's second draft building on Kens' draft.

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