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 +====== Leading Meetings ======
 +==== Leading Effective Meetings ====
 +  * {{:leading_effective_meetings_nov_2019_handout.docx|Handout}}  on Leading Effective Meetings (AD boot camp)
 +  * books on leading meetings
 +      * [[|Death by Meeting]] by Patrick Lencioni.
 +        * {{:death_by_meeting.pdf|Four types of meetings}}
 +        * {{:death_by_meeting_-_5_tips_for_better_meetings.pdf|5 Tips for Better Meetings.pdf}}
 +      * [[|The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business]]. Patrick Lencioni. Particularly the chapter on “The Centrality of Great Meetings”, p. 173 and Behaviour 2: Mastering Conflict, p. 37
 +  * [[|Making Meetings Great]] > podcast interview with Steven Rogelberg on his book "[[|The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance]]". Recommended by Christian Bender. Christian particularly likes the idea of shifting from a list of topics in the agenda to a set of questions. People will know that when the questions are answered, the meeting has accomplished its purpose.
 +  * [[:leading_meetings_spowell|Leading Meetings]] > training at ARES by Scott Powell
 +  * [[|Running Effective Meetings]] and [[|Agenda Template]] from
 +  * [[|Table of assignments]] (action points from meetings) for SEND U Leadership Team

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