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Leading Your Family Overseas - MOP July 2017

Title of Session: Leading Your Family Overseas

Facilitators: Scott & Leslie Powell and Judy Severns

Leading Your Family Overseas


This session will examine the dynamics and habits of life that promote healthy family life in the cross-cultural mission setting.

Objectives :
1. To describe the missionary family “on mission” in terms of the values and habits that define it.
2. To identify the habits of family life that promote a healthy and fruitful ministry family.

TCK Education- School Days or Daze?


This session will review the many options for educating missionary children in areas where SEND works. Each educational option presents challenges and rewards and impacts family and ministry life. Also to be explored are issues related to assessing children’s achievement, dealing with specific learning needs, and other suggestions as to how to navigate the school years with your children.


1. Each participant will articulate which educational option will be used within his/family.
2. Participants will think through expectations for how children’s school option will impact their first year on the field.
3. Participants will be able to ask general questions about ongoing preparation to assist them as they take children overseas.
4. Participants will be provided for a list of resources on TCK life and education.

Leading Your Family Overseas Handouts:

Helpful Resources:

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