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SEND Learning Communities

Walking together with others on the Jesus Road.


  • to intentionally talk about what we mean when we say: Be Disciples; Make Disciples
  • to provide a space to challenge and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus as a disciple and to support and learn from one another as we disciple others
  • to practice the following “vital behavior” that will help us develop a culture of collaboration, intentionality, and accountability within SEND. “At least once a month, I share with at least one other teammate what I have been doing and what I plan to do next to help my friends on their journey to Jesus and then we pray together.”

Membership of a learning community:

  • 3-5 people of the same gender. No more than 5 because it will be difficult for everyone to share in the span of one hour.
  • Preferably all SEND members or serving with a SEND team. If you cannot find enough SEND people, invite other Christians who also have a commitment to be disciples and make disciples in a missions context.
  • Preferably all within the same general time zone. Planning meeting times is easier if you live in the same time zone.

After 3 months, the group can choose to disband, or some members can choose to leave while others stay. At this point, new members can be invited to join.

Leadership of a learning community

  • The group will initially be led by a SEND U staff member or a senior SEND leader.
  • But the leadership of the group can be rotated among the group members. Leading a group meeting should not take much preparation time at all.
  • The leader of the group should serve as a facilitator. His or her job is to prompt others in the group to share, not to preach or teach.
  • After 3 months, the learning community can split into two, or members can drop off and others can join. In this second generation, one of those who has already been in the group for 3 months will become the leader of the learning community.

Meeting details:

  • Frequency of meeting: once a week
  • Length of meeting: one hour. The leader should take responsibility for making sure the meeting ends on time.
  • Meeting platform: Most of these learning communities will be meeting online through Teams or Skype. If all the members are living in the same location, you may choose to meet in person on a weekly basis.

Expectations of members:

  • 3-month initial commitment. After 3 months, each of the group members can decide to continue to meet or leave the group.
  • Each member will make the weekly meeting a priority. But if one member is not able to make the meeting time, the group still meets, even if it is only 2 people.
  • Each member should be prepared to share what God has been teaching them in the last while. It will be helpful to review what one has been reading in the Word before the meeting begins.
  • Each person should also be prepared to talk about the what they are learning as they help others on their journey to Jesus.
  • Each member should expect to be both supported (encouraged, affirmed) and challenged to grow.

Agenda for the meetings:

The group leader for the week asks one question or suggests one activity from each of the 4 categories below. The questions below are simply suggestions.

  1. Connect:
    1. What is happening in your life?
    2. What was one “happy” and one “crappy” for the past week?
  2. Be a Disciple:
    1. What has God taught you from the Word in the last week? Everyone share.
    2. What is one theme that God has been repeating in your life recently?
    3. Who was one person who really helped you to grow spiritually before you joined SEND?
    4. Practice a spiritual discipline together (e.g. Lectio Divina) or discuss a short passage in the Word.
  3. Make Disciples:
    1. What are you doing and learning about making disciples of others in this culture?
    2. Who are you seeking to encourage in their walk with the Lord?
    3. With whom are you sharing your faith or wanting to share your faith?
    4. What are some challenges you are facing in helping people find Jesus?
  4. Pray for one another
    1. How can we pray for you? After all have shared, each member of the group prays for one other person.
    2. Split into groups of 2 (break-out rooms) and pray for one another.
    3. Pray for the people we are seeking to disciple.
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