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SEND Learning Communities

Walking together with others on the Jesus Road.


  • to provide a space to help and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus and to support and learn from one another as we disciple others

Meeting details:

Composition: 3-5 people of the same gender

Frequency of meeting: once a week for about an hour.

Meeting place: Most of these learning communities will be meeting online through Skype/Zoom/Teams. If all the members are living in the same location, you may choose to meet in person on a weekly basis.

Leadership: Led initially by a SEND U staff member or a senior SEND leader. But leadership of the group will be passed on to others.


  • 3-month initial commitment, at which point the group members can decide to continue to meet or leave.
  • Make the weekly meeting a priority.
  • Each person shares what God has been teaching them from the Word
  • Each one shares how they are seeking to help friends on their journey to Jesus.
  • We share what we are learning along the journey of being disciples of Jesus and becoming disciple-makers.
  • Expect to be both supported and challenged.

Agenda for the meetings:

  1. Share about what is happening in one another's lives
  2. Each person shares what they have been reading in the Word
  3. Each person shares about people they are seeking to walk with on their journey to Jesus
  4. Prayer for one another

After 3 months, the group can choose to disband, or split so that new members can be invited to join.

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