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-[[lt|Main page for Leadership Team]]\\  
-====== Preparation for March 24 Leadership Team meeting ====== 
-  - Prepare brief report 
-    - one personal accomplishment (for SEND U) in the last month 
-    - one opportunity or need that you see for SEND U 
-    - one question for SEND U LT (if you have one) 
-  - Read Ken's {{ :send_u_director_ministry_description.pdf|revised job description}} (and compare with {{ :send_u_director_ministry_description_2009.docx|his old job description}}) 
-  - Review the revised {{/i/file_not_found.png?32x32|File Not Found}}**File Not Found** 
-  - Original {{ :send_leader_profiles.doc|SEND Leader Profiles}}, including the list of things that team leaders need to know 
-====== **Agenda for March 24 meeting** ====== 
-[[|9:00 am, EST]]\\  
-  - Prayer 
-  - Brief report from SEND U Director (3-5 minutes) 
-  - Brief report from each LT member (oral - no more than 3-5 minutes each) 
-  - SEND U Coaching Pool 
-    - Do we need to have some criteria for who gets to be a SEND U coach? 
-    - If yes, how do we establish such a criteria? 
-    - Should we seek International Coach Federation accreditation for some SEND coaches? 
-  - Further development of Leadership Training Curriculum for team leaders 
-    - What other learning experiences would help us teach these character traits and skills? 
-    - Should we have a core curriculum (required for everyone) and other components that are optional? 
-    - Should there be a specific sequence for these training components? 
-    - How do we further develop and refine this curriculum? 
-  - Review of {{ :send_u_director_ministry_description.docx|SEND U Director Ministry Description.docx}} 
-    - Is this job description clear on expectations? 
-    - Would you want to add anything to this job description? 
-    - Would you want to subtract anything from this job description? 
-  - Assignments 
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