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 +====== Title of Session: Marriage Matters (for married couples) ======
 +===== Facilitators:​ Larry & Joyce Thiessen =====
 +===== Description:​ =====
 + This session will identify key habits of successful marriages in cross-cultural settings that promote continuously growing and God-honoring marital oneness as a platform for a fruitful missionary career.\\ ​
 +===== Objectives: =====
 + 1. To identify God’s purposes in biblical marriage.\\ ​ 2. To identify key habits of successful marriages in the missionary setting.\\ ​ 3. To reflect on the impact of personality type, season of life, and attitudes toward change on their marriage.\\ ​ 4. To sense freedom to seek help needed in dealing with transitional stress on their relationship.\\ ​ 5. To identify one or two habits for development in the coming year.\\ \\ 
 +===== Handouts: =====
 +  * {{ :​nurturing_your_marriage_outline.docx|Nurturing Your Marriage outline}}
 +  * {{ :​nurturing_your_marriage.pptx|Nurturing Your Marriage}}
 +\\ \\ Return to the main [[mop_february_2015|February 2015 MOP page]]
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