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Mid-career retreat

compass_clip_art_2.jpgSEND International's first ever MID-CAREER RETREAT
We are very thankful for each missionary who has served with SEND for more than 15 years, and want them to look forward to and plan for the next 15 years (or however many years they have left) with SEND. What can we learn from what God has taught us in the previous decade or two of ministry, and leverage that to its greatest impact for the kingdom going forward? How will the focus of the second half be different than the first half? How do I define the work that God has given me to complete during my lifetime


Desired outcomes for those attending the Mid-Career Retreat:

  • Each participant has assessed their ministry path to date (contribution to SEND mission and values, what have I done well, what do I need to improve, how has God has been directing me)
  • Each participant has explored and discussed a few key concepts that will leverage their experience, cultural awareness and language competency for the greatest impact on MEE.
  • Each participant has spent significant time in the Word and prayer and has waited on God as they think about the second half of their ministry lives.
  • Each participant has developed a plan for the “second half” (what their priorities will be, what skills they will need to learn, what adjustments they are going to make in order to finish well)
  • Each participant has built supportive relationships with peers, with SEND U coaches and with member care specialists that will guide them and hold them accountable to accomplish their second half plan (goals and priorities)
  • Each participant has made a commitment to build into / mentor younger missionaries, and will have identified some ways they can do so.

Logistics and Schedule

Handouts and Resources from Retreat:

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