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Ministry Description - Every Team Member should have a Ministry Description on file. These are developed at initial ministry assignment and reviewed near the completion of Home Service. Please contact the Area Director or Personnel Coordinator to update or receive a copy of your personal Ministry Description. Here are generic templates for SEND North members:

Ministry Plan - All Church Ministries personnel are expected to fill out a Ministry Plan at least once per year. However, most people find that it is better to fill it out on a seasonal basis (2-3 times per year). The cycle for most people is to fill out Ministry Plans in August and January. Ministry Plans should be shared and discussed with your Team Leader. Your Ministry Plan should take into account your Ministry Description and the vision of SEND North. Here is the most current Ministry Plan form:

Annual Self Assessment - In an effort to promote healthy, relational encouragement, accountability, and ministry effectiveness, SEND North members are expected to complete an Annual Self Assessment each year between December 15 and January 15. These forms are then given to the appropriate Team Leader and debriefed to learn from the previous year and prepare for the upcoming year. Here is the most current Annual Self Assessment form:

As you can see, the 3 tools build upon one another: Ministry Description (updated at least once per term) → Ministry Plan (filled out a couple of times per year) → Annual Self Assessment

What about the Individual Growth Plan (IGP)? This is a tool designed to encourage all SEND International members to pursue personal development and growth. The above tools are more focused on your specific ministry assignment, goals, and effectiveness. For more info on the IGP, click on the link in the left sidebar.


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