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As mobilizers one of the main things we do is cast vision …. helping people see something that can't see. A great way to do this is through stories. If you click here… **Stories from our fields** …. you will find stories from SEND's missionaries. They are organized by country so that you can easily find what you need. You can also find up to date stories from SEND's missionaries on the blog.

SEND Field Information

SEND field information can be found on the Mobilization Databank.

Unreached People Groups

Church Planting

Check out the Church Planting page for descriptions, presentations and information about SEND and church-planting.

Here is a presentation that mobilizers can use to describe the 6 Phases of Church Planting

Go Groups


  • Mobilizer's Fish Scale This article written by a mobilizer from Pioneers Australia gives a great description of the steps that a person goes through in pursuing missions, with an emphasis on the role of the mobilizer and the role of the Holy Spirit.
  • How to Make Contacts Simple things to do to help make new contacts at conferences, schools, and churches
  • Guidebook for Missions Engagement > a resource developed by the 2020-21 Europe Leadership Development cohort to guide the Europe region in mobilizing European churches for global missions

Assessing People

  • Assessment Flow. This model, created by Dennis Carlson, helps the mobilizer doing a Kingdom Assessment with someone as they lead them through the 6 calls of God on a persons life.
  • Global Positioning Survey This is a fun exercise that can be used with an individual or group to help them think through their passions and preferences in serving.
  • The Strategy Map was created by a SIM mobilizer to help him talk with people during the first meeting and give the a road map of how they can get from where they are to where they feel God is calling them. Included here is a brief description (Strategy Map Description ) and a fill in the blank form (Strategy Map Fill-in Sheet ).



  • Coke and the Unreached - This PowerPoint presentation compares the vision or Coke with Jesus and then goes to show the huge need for missions amongst unreached peoples. It ends with practical steps for people to take.
  • How do I choose a mission - This PowerPoint presentation goes over questions someone should explore as they are choosing a mission agency.
  • The Partnership Triangle - This PowerPoint leads a group of people in an interactive time of discovering how the missionary, church and agency should work together in partnership

Spanish Resources

Looking for mobilization resources in Spanish? Here you go….Spanish Resources

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