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MOP-up = Member Orientation Program under pressure

MOP-up Program Components

Download the MOP-up Program Requirements in PDF format

  1. Review of MOP materials (handouts, your own notes) on SEND U wiki
  2. Coaching - at least 6 sessions over a 3 month period
  3. Written self-assessment of your spiritual health, your cultural adjustment, your emotional health and your understanding of success for your first term
  4. Written personal growth plan for the coming year

Summaries of Main MOP topics for MOP-up

Review MOP handouts

  • Go to the list of previous MOPs on the wiki, and click on the one you attended. In the table of sessions, you will find links to each session in your MOP. Here you will find the handouts and additional resources for each session.
  • Your own notes (the handouts filled out) from each session will be in your files or on your computer.
  • The best place to start in reviewing MOP is to find the reflection sheet where you filled out the highlights and action steps from each session. This document should be on your computer or in your paper files, and sometimes Marcie will have a backup copy of this reflection document. Write her ( if you cannot find the reflection document in your files.
  • Here is an example of the reflection sheet you would have filled out in MOP.
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