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Member Orientation Program in the Philippines

January 14 - 25, 2013

MOP Purpose Statement:

MOP exists to equip missionary appointees and their children for effective transition into fruitful intercultural ministry with SEND International. To accomplish this purpose we seek to:

  • bond the participant with SEND through the development of relationships with and trust in the people and the organization.
  • introduce the participant to SEND’s values, mission and culture
  • train the participant to develop necessary skills for effective cross-cultural transition

MOP {{ :program_objectives_for_mop.docx|Program Objectives}}


Pre-MOP preparation

  • Ministering Cross-culturally Questionnaire. Ken Guenther will email to you. Complete the questionnaire and graph your results before you come to MOP.

MOP Training Topics

MOP [[mop_philippines_2013_handouts|hand-outs]]

Member Orientation Program Reading Requirements

  • General MOP reading list about SEND, cross-cultural ministry, family, etc. Every SEND appointee is expected to read these books before leaving for the field.
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