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 {{:purpose_and_program_objectives_for_mop.docx|purpose and objectives}} {{:purpose_and_program_objectives_for_mop.docx|purpose and objectives}}
-=====   MOP Curriculum   =====+===== MOP Curriculum =====
   * {{:mop_curriculum_guide_july_2014_version_3.docx|MOP Curriculum Guide}}   * {{:mop_curriculum_guide_july_2014_version_3.docx|MOP Curriculum Guide}}
-   * MOP [[:mop_online_syllabus|online syllabus]]+   [[:mop_online_syllabus|MOP ]][[:mop_online_syllabus|online syllabus]]
   * Reflection worksheet {{:reflection_worksheet_july_2014.docx|in Word format}}  or in [[|Google Sheets format]]   * Reflection worksheet {{:reflection_worksheet_july_2014.docx|in Word format}}  or in [[|Google Sheets format]]
   * **Reading assignments**   * **Reading assignments**
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