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MOP February 2015


MOP Curriculum

Reading assignments

  • General MOP reading list (for all MOP participants)
  • Field-required reading list > Field specific reading is to be completed by appointees before their first departure for the field. From the list provided appointees should complete a minimum of 400 pages of reading. See Individual country reading lists.

Session Handouts

MOP Daily Announcements

  • Remember to complete the adult and child datasheets and email them to Marcie Williamson (
  • The International Office keeps confidential records about each member and the children living with them so that in the event of an emergency, the Crisis Management Team will have sufficient data to make informed decisions. Please download the Adult Data Worksheet and the Child Data Worksheet (if you have any children living with you), and save them in a “security” folder on your computer. Then make a copy of the file for each adult and child in your family. Fill out the forms for each adult and child on your computer, save them to the “security folder” on your computer, and then email the completed worksheets to Marcie Williamson at In your missionary career, you will be expected to periodically update these data forms. It is good to keep copies on your computer so that they can be quickly edited and updated.
  • If you would like to be included in the SEND U Facebook group, please request to be a FB friend of Ken Guenther

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