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Program Outcomes for the SEND Member Orientation Program

Through the course of MOP, the participants will…

  1. Review healthy habits for spiritual growth and practice spiritual disciplines that will sustain them in the context of spiritual warfare, cross cultural stress and the day-to-day sacrifices of missionary life.
  2. Commit themselves to live out SEND’s values and to align themselves with SEND’s mission in their life and ministry as a missionary.
  3. Examine the rationale for humble, incarnational ministry, and experience some of the stresses and challenges involved with thoroughly adopting this philosophy of ministry.
  4. Commit themselves to serving in harmony with those of other cultures, and discuss some of the points of stress that they will experience in teaming relationships.
  5. Examine the concepts of culture and worldview and discuss how being a cultural learner can aid missionaries in their goal of sharing the gospel and ministering cross-culturally.
  6. Examine personal cultural values, and identify causes, symptoms, and cures for the culture stress that is produced when our own cultural norms collide with another culture.
  7. Discuss the challenges to moral purity for missionaries and write down some personal boundaries and strategies that will help them withstand these temptations.
  8. Identify a couple of things they can do as a couple to help sustain the health of their marriage and family after they relocate to the field or in their role in the home office.
  9. Develop plans to help their children make the transition to cross-cultural life and successfully continue their schooling while overseas.
  10. Review what the Bible says about singleness, affirm the invaluable contribution of singles to discipling the nations, and discuss how marrieds and singles can support one another on the mission field.
  11. Discuss the importance of church planting in SEND and describe the process from initial evangelistic efforts to reproducing church to mission-sending church.
  12. Identify principles of discipleship and church community life that will guide missionaries in leading new believers to spiritual growth and mobilize them for ministry.
  13. Examine the concept of successful ministry, develop a list of realistic expectations and write a personal definition of success for their first term.
  14. Review the dangers actual and perceived of missionary service for singles and families. Ask relevant questions about security, receive answers to those questions, and formulate appropriate responses to various scenarios involving missionary safety and security.
  15. Evaluate the impact of leaving friends and family on them and their families, and practice saying goodbye to one another.
  16. Get to know, pray with and discuss important ministry and life questions with other new SEND appointees and with SEND U staff on location.

updated: November 13, 2019
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