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SEND International Member Orientation Program Syllabus

Course Creator and Facilitators

This course was created by Lisa E. Lisa and her husband Tom are members of SEND International and live in Farmington, Michigan. For several years, they served as missionaries in Asia before returning to serve in the US Office. Lisa is now a full-time teacher in the public school system in Michigan and she and her husband lead the Diaspora Ministry for SEND.

Bethany Reedy is one of the course facilitators. She served for 2 years in mainland China with her husband and small daughter, studying Chinese, reaching out to unreached people groups, and discipling new believers. In January 2017, they packed their bags and moved to Taiwan, where they serve with the SEND Asia hub. Bethany now works with SEND's women's ministry and on the SEND U Leadership Team, representing Asia, as well as reaching out to college students through English Corners on several campuses in Taichung, Taiwan. Bethany has a BA in Bible and Theology and an M.Div. from Moody Bible Institute, and a Doctor of Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Gary Ridley is also one of the course facilitators. Gary and his wife Carol joined SEND in 1977. They have three adult children and six grandchildren. Gary taught at Alaska Bible College from 1978-2013. He then joined the SEND U staff as SEND U missiologist. Gary has a BA in Bible from Gordon College, M.Div. and D. Miss. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Course Description

MOP online is an essential part of SEND International’s Member Orientation Program. It is required of all those joining SEND and is a prerequisite for those who will be attending the MOP onsite in either the USA or Quezon City (Philippines). This course assumes that you have successfully completed the Candidate Orientation Program in your sending country, and are preparing to head to your area of ministry within the next 6 to 12 months.

This course builds the foundation and provides much of the preparatory content for the on-site MOP. It is designed to help you learn about and reflect upon many of the issues you will face as you head into cross-cultural life and ministry. The course will run a total of six weeks (including the Course Orientation) and will cover these main topics:

  • Course Orientation
  • Week 1 - Defining Worldview
  • Week 2 - Understanding Culture & Personal Cultural Values
  • Week 3 - Cultural Stress
  • Week 4 - Incarnational Ministry and Sacrifice
  • Week 5 - Safety & Security

Course outcomes

  • Get to know other course participants.
  • Distinguish between the concepts of worldview and culture and explain the relationship between behaviors, values, beliefs, and worldview.
  • Identify the three common ancestral worldviews and describe how these worldviews have influenced how people view life, the Bible, and God.
  • Identify the personal values you use to order your life and relationships with others and compare and contrast your personal values with those of another culture.
  • Describe symptoms and cures for culture stress and Identify some personal strategies for dealing with culture stress.
  • Identify principles from Christ's incarnation that have implications for cross-cultural ministry.
  • Describe how attitudes of openness, acceptance, and trust can help a missionary in the process of acculturation.

Course Materials

We will be using two books over the course of the online course.

  1. Cross Cultural Connections: Stepping Out and Fitting in Around the World by Duane Elmer. Both Kindle and paper versions are available on Amazon.
  2. The Messenger, the Message and the Community: Three Critical Issues for the Cross-Cultural Church Planter (4th edition) by Roland Muller. A PDF version of the book is available here.

Any other readings will be available on the course site. We will read most of the Elmer book over the course, but will focus on the middle section of the Muller book as part of our discussion of worldview. You will need the Muller book for Week 1, so if you want the paper version, please order the books in time.

Course Mechanics

The key to successful learning in this course is interaction. This interaction takes place both with the facilitator and with the other participants in the course. It is vital that each participant faithfully post responses on time and reply to the posts of other participants. You will not receive a grade or mark from your facilitator. Your success in learning will be measured by you and your team when they notice the impact of the lessons learned on your leadership of your team.

You should plan to participate in the course several times each week, on at least every other day. We want you to engage with each other as well as with the subject matter. Don’t be afraid to articulate your unique ideas, think critically, or ask challenging questions of others in a godly manner. Of course, your words of encouragement to fellow participants are always welcome.

Before you begin Week 1, please carefully review and complete activities under “Course Orientation.” Important introductory information and course navigation tips are presented there.

The course will require about six hours a week of work, depending on your level of interaction with the other students. All the material is presented online and will be a mix of text, audio, and video. Please complete all weekly activities in the order they are presented. A main part of the course is the interaction between participants and the facilitator through forums.

This is an asynchronouscourse, so there are not specific times you need to be online. Participants will be in several different time zones around the world, so there is not one set time when everyone is online at the same time. The assignments have due dates, and within the boundaries of those due dates, you are free to complete those assignments according to your schedule (i.e., you can do them at night, in the morning, at lunch, etc.). Please note that all references to due dates and times refer to Eastern Time, USA (New York).

Please note that materials available through this course may be copyright protected by third parties. They are provided here solely for use by the participants enrolled in this course. Please do not distribute, post, or publish any materials in this course without the express permission of the copyright holders.

Resources Used For MOP Online

Defining Worldview & Culture

Understanding Culture & Personal Cultural Values

Culture Stress

Incarnational Ministry & Sacrifice

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