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 + \\ 
 +====== Sojourners Update ======
 + Many thanks to all of you that took the time to fill out our recent survey. I realized that some of you did not get the newsletter or the video first and then just received this survey without much explanation. I apologize if this happened to you. The idea of a sojourner is one who journeys with you. The Women's Ministry Team knows that many of you are looking for mentors or even just companions who understand your life and your issues. Cross cultural living is often both exhilarating and excruciating at the same time and so many of us just want to be understood. Our team is now working on forming groups that fit your requests for time zones and group dynamics. You should be hearing from us by February 1st. \\ \\  If you responded that you weren't interested, but have changed your mind, it isn't too late! You can email [[|Beth]] and we will get you connected with a group. Thanks for your patience. We are anticipating all that God will do through these relationships.\\ 
 +======   ======
 +====== Facebook Group - wHoly Healthy Women ======
 + And speaking of journeying. . .if you are embarking on a journey towards physical health, join wellness coach Alanna Brown on Facebook. Here is what she says about this new secret group:\\ \\  "Yes! I misspelled wholly because this group IS about growing in our health in every way, which includes living a holy life in Jesus. I don't believe that spiritual health exists totally apart form the health of our minds, emotions, relationships or bodies. As women that spend so much time giving towards others, sometimes we need help and encouragement to take care of ourselves physically. That is what this group is all about! Share ideas. Ask for prayer. Post a link to your favorite healthy recipe! Announce that you reached your goal, so that we can celebrate with you! Let's grow together!”\\  To join this group, please let [[|Alanna]] or [[|Beth]] know and we can add you on Facebook\\ \\ \\ \\ 
 +====== January Connection Group: Creating your IGP ======
 + If you are in a part of the world currently covered in snow and ice, it might be a stretch to imagine the spring landscape. Sometimes that is how we feel about our own growth goals as well-we might feel stuck and aren't sure what the next step is to navigate our way to healthy growth. Join us for a collaborative session on creating your [[|Individual Growth Plan]] on Thursday January 25th at 9 a.m. EST. You can sign up [[|here]] to be added to this group.\\ \\ 
 +====== Looking AHEAD ======
 + February's Connection Group will be a facilitated discussion with Marcie Williamson on the topic of Loneliness. This continues to be one of the largest struggles of SEND women (and perhaps most global workers). Marcie will pull aspects of her discussion from the book Finding God in my Loneliness by Lydia Brownbeck. This book is currently available on Kindle for only $2.99. Click [[|here]] for a description of the book. Look for the sign up email towards the end of January, but in the meantime mark your calendars for one of these times.\\ \\  February 27th 9-10:30 p.m.\\  February 28th 9-10:30 a.m.\\ \\ 
 +====== New Spiritual Care Coordinator ======
 + The Women's Ministry Department is pleased to welcome Lynn Karidis to our team as the Spiritual Care Coordinator. Lynn is a familiar face to many of you, having served in various administrative roles in both the US and International Offices since 2012 as well as leading various trainings for Women's Ministry, COP, SNAAC and DC. Prior to serving at SEND, Lynn worked in retail management for the Kmart Corporation, and then in higher education as an administrator and faculty member (at William Tyndale College and Cornerstone University). Lynn has also served as an adjunct instructor for Ashland Theological Seminary and Oakland Community College. \\ \\  In Lynn's new role she seeks to serve the women of SEND in the area of spiritual formation. Lynn loves to connect with people as a spiritual friend and enjoys discussing the Persons of the Trinity, the Bible, theology, and spiritual formation, chocolate, writing for publication, music, books, and where God is in all of life. She would love to chat with you about the things you love! In addition, Lynn is also available in these ways:\\ 
 +  * As a resource for those with questions about spiritual growth
 +  * As a mentor or spiritual director
 +  * Spiritual triage for those in crisis
 +  * To give pastoral care
 +  * As a prayer resource or spiritual director at field conferences or retreats
 +  * To present messages, devotionals, Bible studies, or workshops at retreats or conferences
 +  * Giving understanding to the Dark Night of the Soul
 +\\  Lynn brings a wide range of education and experience including holding a Doctor of Ministry from Ashland Seminary as well as several spiritual direction certificates. One great sorrow of Lynn's life has been her inability to bear children. After her fourth miscarriage, she sensed God telling her that she was to bear spiritual rather than physical children. Her greatest joy is to help others connect with God. If you sense God suggesting that Lynn could be of service to you in these (or other) ways, please don’t hesitate to contact her at [[|]]
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