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Women to Women Training

As women in SEND, we get the best of both worlds: training available to us through SEND U as well as women to women training available through our team and the Women's Development Track. Even with all these options, the biggest obstacle we hear from women who want to participate in training and development opportunities is location! Yes, it is exciting that these courses are offered on the Farmington campus every other October, but what about here, where I live? The Women's Ministry Team is continuing to look into ways to make this happen. We hope you are taking advantage of our monthly connection groups, where we often hit on practical subjects for thriving in life and ministry. In addition, we wanted to highlight a few modules that women in SEND have been trained to facilitate and would be happy to work with you to bring to your location.

Bringing Training to You!

Currently in SEND, we have trained facilitators in 7 modular courses. While most of these are designed as week long intensives, because they are modular in nature, the length of time and format can be altered to meet the needs of your specific location. Read on for a short description of each module. For a fuller description, please visit or contact Dorothy Janzen with questions.

  • Mentoring Nex Generation Women: Learning how to pass on a vibrant faith from one generation to the next.
  • Significant Woman: Figuring our your purpose and calling.
  • Soul Care in the 21st Century: A spiritual formation retreat to come away and rest with Jesus.
  • Facilitating Relational Learning: Learning how to facilitate meaningful groups with adult learners.
  • Developing a Discerning Heart: Experience God's transforming work in your own life.
  • Discovery Bible Study: Learn how to effectively study the Bible and lead group Bible studies.
  • Women Serving Women: Essential components for developing a leader.

October Connection Group: A Sneak Peek into Significant Woman

“While we are all called to a lifetime of growth in Christ and participation in the purposes of God, each of us is also given a special calling that flows out of our unique design for a particular contribution at this time in history and in our specific life context. Understanding how God has women into each of us a special ability for contributing to His purposes through our life experiences, personalities, values, gifts and passions, allows us to experience a deeper sense of joy, satisfaction, perseverance, and impact. By gaining clarity and confidence around that personal mission, we can better recognize and choose involvements aligned with God’s design for us.” Come chat with Dorothy Janzen about this module and the possibility of an online facilitated experience. Join us either Monday October 23rc at 9 p.m. or Wednesday October 25th at 9 a.m. EST.

Registration is still open for Soul Care in the 21st Century ASIA

ow is your busyness quotient these days? Do you long for some time alone so you can rest and reconnect with Jesus? How can you find the refreshment and renewal you need to thrive in ministry? Jesus offers an invitation to you: Come away with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest. It’s the same invitation Jesus gave to his disciples after a season of intense ministry.

Soul Care in the 21st Century is a spiritual formation retreat designed to help you rest, learn, and reconnect with Jesus. Come and discover some new and ancient ways to care for your soul. Find a rhythm for continued spiritual growth that fits your personality and lifestyle. Each day is structured to include rest, food, learning, spiritual practice, reflection, and fellowship. No preparation needed.

Join Lynn Karidis as she hosts this helpful and very popular module January 12-18 in Kending,Taiwan. To register, please email Abigail Jellel at For any questions about content, please email Lynn at

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