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Mosaic September 2017


mosaic - n. a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small pieces of stone, tile, glass

Putting the Pieces Together

Thank you so much for opening this first edition of Mosaic, a quarterly newsletter of the Women's Ministry Department of SEND International. As I was praying about what to call this, I had a piece of paper on my desk where I wrote all the words that I wanted our women to experience and some of the hopes I had for the women of our mission. Reading your answers to our recent survey gave me insights into your joys, struggles, felt needs, and hopes for the future. I sensed a deep desire for connection with one another and with our organization. And this idea hit me. We are each a small part of something beautiful that God is creating. While we don't always know or understand how our part fits into the big picture, we can trust the hand that is arranging the pieces.

Today marks my one year anniversary as the Director of Women's Ministry so on another level, I feel like this is what I/we've been doing in Women's Ministry this year in SEND. In the past year we have had our 2nd Area Women's Representative conference, received feedback from many of you on your current ministry needs and experiences through the survey, and are now responding to some of those expressed needs. It has definitely felt like a piece by piece process.

As a department, it is our desire that this newsletter will provide resources on member care and training, a connection with other women and SEND, as well as be a forum where you can contribute your best practices for both personal and professional development. We want to hear from you about ways we can truly engage you in personal and professional development so you are equipped for transformational life and ministry. In other words, we want you to see the part your piece is playing in creating this beautiful mosaic.


So. . .how does this all work?

The greatest thing about our WMD is that it is made up of YOU-the women of SEND. We attempt to follow the regional/area structure of SEND. We have a Women's Ministry Team that is made up of Regional Team Members. In Asia, we have Lynn Harder based in Thailand working with our Asia AWRs. In Eurasia, we have Marcie Williamson, based in the IO North America office working with our AWRs from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakstan. In Europe we are currently working in two groups: Lynn Jackson, based in Macedonia, has just stepped in to this role and is serving Europe along with SEND North. Judy Severns, based in the US, is our regional coordinator for EHG, serving our women in multiple countries. We currently have 17 women serving as AWRs, leaving 4 areas to the regional rep.

Back row L to R: Jodi Thar, Taiwan; Debbie Davis, Spain; Holly Grereson, SEND North; Dorothy Janzen, Development Coordinator; Beth Eckstein, Director; Elaine Winter, Japan: Mindy C,, China; Pam Zellmer, Kosova; Martina Brubacher, Russiia UU, Sherri DiVozzo, trainer; Lynn Karidis, trainer; Joyce Thiessen, Philippines; Lisa Z, Russia CBS; Lynn Jackson, Macedonia/Europe; Ann Baur, former Europe Regional.
Front Row: L to R: Marcie Williamson, Eurasia Regional; Kim Burkett, Ukraine; Michelle Hamilton, Poland; Judy Severns, EHG Regional; Lynn Harder, Asia Regional; Lori Kresge, Trainer/Eurasia.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and come sit down with us at our new blog:

Connection Groups are Starting!

This year we are launching connection groups for our SEND women. Connection groups are one-time events that will cover a variety of topics. We hope these groups will foster community, cross-regional dialogue, and create space to talk about issues important to you. All you have to do is sign up and your hostess will Skype you at the designated time. September's group will be a roundtable discussion on the topic of Women and Leadership, facilitated by Beth Eckstein. You can email Beth to sign up at Look for the rest of the year's topics on the blog.

We want to hear from you! We would love to hear your ministry updates, resources you have found helpful, or anything else that is on your mind. Email us at

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