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 ====== Name storming ====== ====== Name storming ======
-[[https://​​documents/​2424143/​2567491/​Namestorm+diagram.png/​9ae2f5ef-d46f-9bc5-7c38-8e17d3ac392c?t=1522399085206|Name Storming Categories]]\\ +{{:namestorm_diagram.png?linkonly|Name Storming Categories}} \\ 
-[[https://​​webdav/​guest/​document_library/​wiki/​Name Storming By Location.docx|Name storming by location]]+{{:name_storming_by_location.docx|Name storming by location}}
 {{  :​namestorm_diagram.png|Name Storming Categories}} {{  :​namestorm_diagram.png|Name Storming Categories}}
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