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New Leadership Couples Orientation


Dates: May 5-8, 2011
Place: Walzer Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

Attendees: Phil and Lynn Jackson, Larry and Nancy Milks, Steve and Jenny Meeker, Scot and Robin Ullrich, K & P Z., Brett and Michelle Hamilton, Brian and Jill Dagen, and C. & L. G., Gary & Terri Vincelette
Facilitators: Warren & Dorothy Janzen, Ken & Bertha Guenther, Rex & Lori Durham
Logistics: Kathy Tucker, Claudia

Schedule & Training Topics


Invitational Letter:

Merry Christmas to all of you,
I would have called you “new leadership couples” but I realize that is not an accurate description for all of you, since some of you have been in leadership in SEND for almost as long as I have. But nevertheless, in your new roles as Ministry Directors or Country Leaders, we in the IO want to support you as a couple. We recognize that leadership is not just the assignment of the husband. We believe that God has called both of you into this role and that for your leadership for your ministry area or country to flourish, both husband and wife have an important and unique contribution to make.

As part of our pledge to support you in your new roles, the Janzens, Durhams and Guenthers are officially inviting you to come and join us in Budapest in May of this next year for a few days of orientation and training for you as couples. I believe all of you have already put May 5-8, 2011 on your calendars. We want you to arrive on May 4 (Wednesday) in the evening, and you should plan to leave no earlier than the evening of May 8, although we would encourage you to stay until the morning of May 9 (Monday) if you can. The IO will be covering the cost of the conference, but we ask that your areas cover the cost of travelling to Budapest.

We will be holding the New Leadership Couples' Orientation at the Walzer Hotel in Budapest, and I am very thankful for Larry's and his contact Claudia's help in making the reservations there. It looks like a very pleasant venue and of course,Budapest is a beautiful city and we won't be spending all of our time inside the hotel.

During these four days, we will be addressing topics such as transitioning to the role of director, the leader's vision, dealing with loneliness, the role of the wife, keeping your marriage strong and leading yourself while leading others. At times, we will break into separate sessions for men and women, but the majority of the sessions will be for both men and women. We want this time to be an encouraging and a growing time for all of you, and so the schedule will include times of interaction, rest and fun, as well as times of learning. A more detailed schedule will come later. This is now the third time that we are providing this type of orientation for new leadership couples, but we are continually refining the topics to address those areas which we believe are most important for your leadership.

As you make your travel arrangements, please send your arrival and departure details to Kathy Tucker. If you have any questions about the schedule, please send them to me (

We look forward to spending this time with all of you, and we believe and pray that it will help to equip you to lead your teams to mobilize God's people, engage the unreached and establish reproducing churches.

Ken Guenther

SENDU Director

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