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Title of Session: Mobilize, Engage and Establish

MOP February 2015

Facilitator: Warren Janzen, International Director

SEND Mission Statement: Mobilize

What does it look like to mobilize a person into missions? What are our biggest opportunities? Or biggest barriers? How can everyone be involved in mobilization? This session will include an interview with Phil Baur, our US Director. It will also describe SEND’s strategies for mobilizing non North American missionaries onto our teams.
1. To clearly understand what mobilization all involves.
2. To gain a vision for “internationalization”.


SEND Mission Statement: Engage

We will never establish reproducing churches unless we are effective at engaging the unreached. Through case studies and group discussion, we will examine what effective engagement looks like. Special attention will be given to understanding the various components of a typical journey to Jesus.
1. To gain an understanding of what all is involved in effective engagement.
2. To be able to describe a typical “journey to Jesus”.
3. To determine what makes up an effective gospel presentation.


SEND Mission Statement: Establish

We are not trying to bring “church in a box” to every people. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to how people gather and worship our LORD. Yet there are some common markers of a faithful community of Christ. What are those? This seminar will help articulate some irreducible minimums of church and illustrate how you can pursue establishing a reproducing church.

1. To be able to articulate our key objectives in church planting.
2. To gain some insight on what the process of church planting looks like.


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