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Overview: Missionaries will be familiar with the distinctives of SEND North and how SEND North fits within SEND International. They will understand the organizational structure of our members and who to contact for help with various issues. Missionaries will understand the difference between required and optional communication, and will be aware of the different communication platforms within SEND North (ie. Yammer, email, FB group, etc). IGPs, Ministry Descriptions, Self Assessments, and Annual Ministry Plans purpose and importance will be understood resulting in consistent implementation. Missionaries will understand the purpose and function of Council, the Project Committee, and the Personnel Committee and how to contact each. Missionaries will be aware of what is safe to share internally (within SEND North) and externally (Facebook, churches, etc). Bi-vocational missionaries will understand organizational expectations considering their unique role. Missionaries will recognize their contribution to the areas of member care, partnership development, and mobilization.

Potential Topics/Skills Suggested Training Options
Child Safety “Child Protection Training 2013” DVD
SEND North Child Protection Policy
SEND International Child Protection Policy
SEND International Church Planting Strategy SEND U Church Planting Wiki Pages
Overview of 7 Church Planting Phases
Roadmap of 7 Church Planting Phases
SEND North Vision Regional Approach to Church Planting in Rural Areas
60/70 Window
Focus on Unreached People Groups
Reproducing Disciple-Makers
Bi-vocational, business, and volunteer ministry platforms
SEND North Organization & Roles SEND North Org Chart (on Yammer or from SN office)
Communication Expectations Recorded conversation with Joe Greeson and Jim Stamberg. 1 page summary of the above recorded conversation: Communication Discussion Summary
Aviation SEND North Standard Operating Procedures manual (contact SN Office or Chief Pilot)
Short Term Missions & Internships Philosophy
Member Care, Partnership Development, Mobilization - Everyone's Responsibility

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