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SEND U Training Events

Training calendars from our learning partners:

Dates Topic Notes
April 12 - 19 Learning Culture through Purposeful Observation Learning Culture through Purposeful Observation is a one-week CIT Next online course designed to help you as a new missionary or cross-cultural worker to begin to put into practice your culture-learning skills. The course asks you to make an investment of 4-6 hours of learning time. All SEND long-term members are asked to take this course about 6 months after arriving on the field.
April 26 - May 3 Animism and Folk Religion This eight day, collaborative, online course will give you an introduction to animism and folk religion so that you can better minister to those who follow these beliefs. Facilitated by Gary Ridley
May 3 - June 12, 2021 MOP 201 A 5-week onboarding online course that is required of all new mid-term and long-term members of SEND. It looks at worldview, cultural values, cultural stress, incarnational ministry and safety and security. This used to be called “MOP online”. It is facilitated by Bethany Reedy.
May 6/7, 2021 Conflict in Multicultural Teams A Learning Focus Group facilitated by David Sedlacek of TEAM. Includes one 2-hour training session on Zoom, 3 small group coaching sessions, and a reading of a chapter on “Managing Team Conflict.” Register by April 1.
May 12-14, 17-19 Coaching Workshop TEAM is putting on an online coaching workshop in May and is inviting SEND people to participate. This workshop is the same material that SEND U uses in its coaching workshops. We highly recommend it for anyone who wants to develop their coaching skills, whether or not you are in an official leadership position or not. The workshop is being conducted over a period of 6 days (May 12,13,14, 17,18,19) from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm EST each day. The cost is $75. Here is the registration link.
May 12 - 19 Contextualization and Culture Study online course Contextualization and Culture Study is the second module of Grow2Serve’s “Exploring Culture” series. It is a 8-day Grow2Serve online course and requires about 6 hours of work. It addresses foundational concepts of contextualization and its importance for effective ministry and underlines contextualization’s inseparable link to purposeful culture study. This course is designed for those who desire to truly understand culture and contextualize ministry to the local situation where they minister.
May 17 - July 9, 2021 TESOL Part 2 Certification This is an 8 week online training. Gives the student the practice teaching component to put into practice what they have been learning. Students will be required to practice teaching 3 lessons on a group of 4-6 people (native or non-native speakers of English). Go to for more information or
May 22-26 Northern Ministry Training Northern Ministry Training is a unique program designed to equip those ministering in the North. The realities of working in bush ministry have always been difficult and this past year has added new challenges. NMT is an opportunity to gather with many servants from different agencies and locations together after such a long period of isolation. There will be four full days of classes (Monday, the 24th, through Thursday, the 27th). Same price as we planned for 2020. Cost for an adult is $500 Total (For all classes, meals and housing). Registration will be open in January of 2021. Stay tuned for more details in the months ahead! This training will be in Soldotina, Alaska.
July 5 - Aug. 6 TESOL Training in-person in Thailand 5 week TESOL certificate. This course provides both theory, in-class practice teaching, and a real-life practicum, all in 5 weeks, at a missionary price. The in-class training runs Monday through Friday, 8am - 4pm every day with a lot of homework in the evenings and weekends. Go to for more information. Sam and Melody Kuka as well as 2 other teacher trainers are involved.
July 9-23 MOP 202 A 2-week onsite Member Orientation Program for appointees who are going long-term with SEND, have been cleared by their coach, and have completed the MOP Online program. This training will be held at a local church a few miles from the current SEND campus in Farmington, MI. Housing is TBD, but will most likely be arranged at a local hotel within a mile of the training venue. More info to come as logistics are coordinated. Mid-term members are welcome to attend, but not required.
July 19- Sept. 10 TESOL Part 1 This is an 8 week online training. This class will teach you how to teach English for a platform for ministry. Part 1 is the “light” version of the certificate course. It's for those that think they might be teaching English but are not yet sure. AND it's for those that are teaching English already but have no training. Go to for more information and links to apply. Facilitated by Melody Kuka and Darlene Jovellanos.
Sept 20-Dec 4 TESOL Part 2 This is an 8 week online training. Gives the student the practice teaching component to put into practice what they have been learning. Students will be required to practice teaching 3 lessons on a group of 4-6 people (native or non-native speakers of English). Go to for more information.

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