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SEND U Training Events

Also check out the calendars from our learning partners:

Dates Topic Notes
May 26 -June 1, 2019 Northern Ministry Training 2019 For more info on Northern Ministry Training, please visit our website:
Jun 17-24, 2019 Learning Culture through Purposeful Observation This course is a 1-week online course which reviews basic principles of cultural understanding and acquisition. Registration:
September 16-23, 2019 Learning Culture through Purposeful Observation
November 18-25, 2019 Learning Culture through Purposeful Observation

Past SEND-led training events






2014 and before


Ken Guenther, 2019/03/16 15:05, 2019/03/19 13:43

Cleaned - Ken Guenther - March 16, 2019

Melody Fern Kuka, 2019/05/17 15:57

Hi Ken How can we get the Philippine and Thailand training dates listed on the website for trainings available? We have courses scheduled through next year, starting this July, September, then next January, April, and July. Blessings. Melody

Ken Guenther, 2019/05/17 17:02

I have already invited Darlene to add your ACTESOL trainings to this list, and she said she would do so.You can do the same if you want. Just write, and ask for a login to the wiki so that you can edit the list. You can also send your dates and training events to that email address, and one of the SEND U staff will add them to the list.

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